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  1. When i klap like 2 or 3 shots of tequila and then immediatly smoke weed - Usually at Drum and Bass Gigs - im set for the night. 1 time shoe shine. Then after that ill just smoke weed. But the combo of the 2 definitely can be hectic. they boost each others effects a lot. Probably not a great thing to do lol.
  2. shit a brick. that alphacat kit is costly. Since i only grow / smoke for personal - ill just go with guessing by feel whether the plant has enough CBD. I can tell when cbd effects come on. its quite different to THC and i first really noticed it with CBD Cream and cheese.
  3. Where can you buy test kits for cbd?
  4. yes ive read that CBD can bring down the THC effects. which, for me is very good. I find high CBD gives me a nice body feel too.
  5. Hey, Actually i was planning to do exactly as you suggest. Ive been down the anxiety path many times. im not scared to take it again to try this out. But i also thought i would like to try mixing the High cbd with a high THC - maul it up nicely and bong it as hard as i can to see what happens lol
  6. Hey man, Ive smoked a High CBD 18% and High THC 22% CBD Cream and cheese. always did me right. never gave me anxiety or anything. However, i had 3 plants. only one of them had the desirable effects. so i assume that the others where not as high in CBD. I am currently growing a High CBD Charlottes Angel Fem. less than 1% THC and over 18% CBD i think it was. Quite excited to see how that one does. not smoking it to get high, but will be more to relax and feel good.
  7. Excellent advice! One thing i can add - for some reason - having a solid stretching session always seems to help as well. If you feel shit after too much toke - try going for a solid 15 minute stretch session if you can. hold the stretches for 45 seconds to 1 minute. Doesnt matter what position / body part you stretch. just find something that needs a good stretch and do it. And yeah - for 100% sure my weed has no mould and i have very good ventilation. I always inspect my weed for mould when watering and harvesting.
  8. Ive had the "Im going to die" trip from smoking too much strong weed. Ive had the I cant breathe - im definitely gonna die as well. My weed was definitely not laced however - as i grew it myself. I think its always a good idea to be real and stick to smoking a little bit at first. see how you feel. and then have some more. you can always have more. but you cant go back and undo a massive bong hit.
  9. Hey guys,thought id open up this subject about having full on panic attacks / paranoid episodes from bong rips or joints.If anyone cares to chime in please do. My advice - as ive been dealing with this for years is:Dont smoke large amounts. If its your first smoke for the day / week / month. Go Easy.take 1 small puff. or 1/4 bong only. dont fill that bong up all the way and pull it through.you will end up in a corner shaking regretting your life...i have extreme anxiety attacks from weed if i do it wrong.on a typical day of smoking ill start with 1 small puff. so small you might wonder why i bother?because the next hit in like 30 mins to 1 hour is gonna be a bigger puff.after puffing consistently for an hour or 2 with small little hits / puffs ill start to go bigger each time until that afternoon im ripping the whole bong packed full.you gotta ease into it kinda. this works for me. i think that the anxiety comes from overdoing it. same way as you would puke from drinking too much.if you having panic attacks then i would strongly suggest you greatly reduce how much you smoke. you can still smoke. but just do silly small hits.Essentially - if you take too much medicine from a doctor - its bad for you. it can have a reaction.weed is the same. too much THC = trembling and hating your life. you dont have to pack your bong full. you dont have to finish the whole joint. its ok to have 1 small pull. everyone is different. some people can handle THC with no problem. some cant. This is a repost i did on another weed related site. but i felt that id like to share with my ZA BOIS.
  10. Hi Guys, Does anyone know of a Systemic fungicide i can use in Veg to destroy Powder mildew. Im worried it makes my Fem Plants Hermie as ive seen it happen to a friend of mine. I have found a product called Tenazole: https://leroymerlin.co.za/tenazole-100ml-81426273?sfdr_ptcid=32806_617_517030259&sfdr_hash=d21cd6d8f2f1423d3ae32315d9bfa661&gclid=Cj0KCQjw2efrBRD3ARIsAEnt0eiiUSiVnKMtkc6e3HaD5yLdOvqldLp26pTfVGl_UjKnFqS9wbS6CtMaAg4NEALw_wcB Does anyone have Experience with this kind of thing. Ive controlled PM with Baking Soda High PH Water. But id like to kill it this time and not have to control it anymore.
  11. I know this school and That Corner Cafe. Not sure if im allowed to mention names - but i used to live around there. Ill drop by next time im in the area to check it out. Looks SO DODGY. thats way too close to a school. They probably gonna get locked up before i get a chance to stop by and check it out.
  12. Hey guys, wanted to send some bud to my cousin halfway across the country. He doesn't and cannot grow and i have excess from my grow. Id like to give him some - to save him from having to buy at an exorbitant price. Whats the safest way for me to get this package to him? Also - since there is no money involved in this - is it legal for me to outright give him some of my bud? Thanks!
  13. Thanks a lot man! Ive just installed my light today! Ill be playing it safe by hanging it up quite high and slowly dropping it until its 40cm above
  14. Hi guys, Just purchased a QB 60w from Growopz I currently run Blurples and i hang them super low mostly. What is the correct height to hang a Quantum Board 60w above your plants? I wouldnt like to destroy my plants with this new QB led Thanks!
  15. Hi Guys, Does anyone know where i can get seeds locally? the reason i ask is because i dont really want to wait 4 - 6 weeks for delivery on international. Thanks!
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