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  1. Direct method as mother nature intended. 👽
  2. @420SA not yet, will post one later.
  3. Give a man some bud he will smoke for a day, give him a seed he will smoke for life. Thank you @Totemic 💪💪💪
  4. @PsyCLown @DougThe colas pack on weight and get bigger in the last few weeks of flower due to the Calyx's swelling in size.
  5. @DougThanks so much homie 😎. I chose to go the xmas tree shape due to the time allocated in the comp but she does look like a plant that will do well in a scrog set up. She has very short inter nodes so I'm hoping for really tight flower formations - humidity will have to be kept low in her final weeks.
  6. @Doug Looking lovely! Do you think you will reach 10 weeks?
  7. @highchome Thanks man. She's in a new home for the 3rd time this grow, been a bit crazy. 600w HPS
  8. Just look at that sugar leaf 🤤🤤🤤
  9. @Totemic So far (touch wood), this strain seems to powdery mildew resistant. If this is the case, she is a keeper and I am thoroughly impressed with this pheno!!!
  10. Luckily she bounced back within an hour 🤕.....💪
  11. Got back from a short break to find my baby looking like this. Be careful of who you leave in charge of your plants while on away. Months of work can be lost within days. Think before you plan, plan before you act ✍️
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