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  1. @CreX regardless of the different strains, looks like you gonna have a beautiful canopy of flowers soon.
  2. How the judges gonna judge your plant when its scrogged up with other strains? I thought the brief was to scrog only 1 plant. I can't even tell which is the choco....How many plants you got under there?
  3. Welcome fellow stoner!

  4. If it wasn't for totemic I would have said this girl is a mostly indica variety with a short flowering time. She is bushy with with very short inter nodes. She is ready for flower but I may just take her another week or so. Should end up with a Christmas tree shape as the lower flowering spots are now pushing through the fan leaves as they look for more light. Lower fan leaf will be pushed aside or removed in due course. Will also be monitoring popcorn bud sites as I don't want them to be using up energy that could rather go into fattening up the main flowers. She was also fed for the first time this week. Will be continuing an organic feed (NPK - 4-3-6) from now and into middle of flower. With a possible 8 - 10 week flower still to come, she should produce really rock solid nugs. Being with her for so long now its hard to imagine a big stretch during flower. Yes she is going to grow bigger, but I can't see the inter-nodes stretching that much.
  5. @SkunkPharm Why are you hoping for lots of stretch? . . . curious
  6. @iGrowDagga you are going to be knuckling and medium stress training during flowering 😯 - good luck. Maybe you teach me a thing or two here.
  7. I would give the training techniques a second thought with flowering approaching fast.
  8. The bigger the roots the bigger the fruits!💪
  9. @The Green Garden Goblin Those burn marks look like heat stress to me and are not from an over hot (chemical burn) soil. This strain is particularly sensitive to light especially on new fan leaf. Good luck from here on brother!
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