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  1. If anyone in Johannesburg wants to press their nugs into rosin, hit me up. You just gotta pay for the bags used. Sweet homies
  2. @420SA It's hard to say who the thief was but i've narrowed it down to probably being my gardener. Stole my awesome S&M BMX too, super bummed. Also taking a break from smoking, never thought I say that. No more morning eye drops haha
  3. and best of luck to all still in the competition. Big thanks to @420SA
  4. Hey fellow stoner friends I have decided to pull out of the competition for a number of reasons. I have been growing for 9 years now and it has taken its toll on me. It's like having another job. Going to put that energy and time into my family. All my top shelf bud (cured) grown over the past season was stolen, this is the 2nd time in a row that this has happened. I will continue on with a veggie patch so that I stay connected with the earth. My love for soil will never surrender. Some advice: be very careful of domestic workers, they see and know everything. Cannabis is an easy steal. Peace and much love
  5. Fuck I missed - just pinched too much, 2 tops
  6. Fuck I missed - still lucky here, 3 tops
  7. Just messing around.. Fuck I missed - the way it should be done, 4 tops
  8. @biometrics That sounds rad! and then you can puff on it at work all day - puff puff pass
  9. @Dr. Green You are right. It's crazy expensive but it comes with a lifetime guarantee. Shipping is ridiculous but it's because the XP weighs over 30kg. I could not believe the weight of this thing. Bullet proof. Taxes were about R 7 000 so only worth it if you can bring it in under a company name so that you can claim the vat input back. I recommend the Nugsmasher mini - can probably bring one in for less than 10k excl accessories.
  10. @Smelly Joe Yea, the tan pots are 3l (for sog) and the black pots are 10l
  11. @biometrics R600 for 20 sounds madness I will keep importing - quality is insane and cheaper
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