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  1. Gnome

    Critical mass

    So a friend droped of the branches of a critical mass plant that broke during a storm I have them in my vegi hydro system at the moment Anything to ensure that it survives
  2. Gnome

    Hydro vegetable garden bata test

    Worked out the bugs Final bata v0.25
  3. Gnome

    Hydro vegetable garden bata test

    @Hydrochronic 110mm toilet pipe
  4. This is the first constant running with no issues got some plants in lets see how they do
  5. Gnome

    Online store now open

    i would like to see seeds in the store that would be great
  6. Gnome

    How much do you smoke a day?

    smoking stems and kief from the grinder i remember those days and yeah i average about 5g a day for the past 4 years strait oh shit that is a lot of weed in the last 4 years that is like 7kg fuck maybe i should smoke less nah fuck that lets smoke some more right now
  7. I`m in my outdoor plants does great
  8. Magnesium carbonate probs? I'm thinking more magnesium sulphate
  9. Gnome

    Natural feeding

    Aact's is basically what I am making They've just got a few more ingredients
  10. Gnome

    Natural feeding

    So do you guys have any experience with natural food for the plants What I am currently working on is a mix of sediment of a big fish pond and some chicken shit tea Chicken shit tea is a 25l water container in which i let a bag of chicken shit steep for about a week Oh and I mix chicken shit into the ground but mostly for my other plants What do you guys think any ideas or suggestions
  11. Gnome


    So I started the reveg process on my plants it's 10 day's later and i can see the first signs of the reveging the smooth funny leaves growing out of the heads I am currently feeding them a high nitrogen mix
  12. Gnome

    What else are you growing?

    Well i have a 250l drum cut in half growing potatoes A pot with watermelons Giant strawberries hanging from a wall planter Tomatoes 5 different types from your regular tomato to black cherry tomatoes Chinese Lettuce in my windowsill Salvia divinorim San Pedro cactus Yeah that is about it looking to start with mushrooms soon
  13. Gnome


    Hey guy have any of you ordered spores if so where and what was your experience I'm seriously looking to get some spores My next step would be to try and make a culture in agar if you have any experience with that advise would be welcome
  14. Great information on the medical aspects of cannabis and how the endocannabanoid system works Some insights on the trial of the plant and a little bit of what the future holds But more importantly is the connection made and talking with the people involved where I got the rest of the information i wanted like the plans that will be presented to the legislative court how they plan to prevent monopolies by setting up a system which you can get 1 of 3 licenses 1 to grow up to a certain area but people can combine licenses to double area ,1 license to make extracts or baked goods well any processing of cannabis and 1 for retail And there is talk about having central places where all growers will take the cannabis to be tested and sold All in all it was worth while