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  1. And where do I find my cat
  2. Gnome

    Powered Mildew

    @Stuntman Mike i tried using the microscope
  3. Gnome

    Powered Mildew

    Mind if i high jack this thread Is this powdery mildew
  4. @420SA i believe my solvent extraction is sufficient but i should get it tested to be sure
  5. I found that benzene does the best for extraction I have tried Alcohol (grain, isopropyl, ethanol) Acetone Dcm Naphtha
  6. i do batches of 100g and i usually get 10 - 12 ml oil out and i use about 1.5 l benzene
  7. decarbboxilate the flower grind it up mix with benzene for no more than 2min strain with cheese cloth do it twice evaporate of the benzene till under 100ml use a slow cooker for this part double boiling method (i really want one of those electric tabletop still ) when i have a small amount i move to a more aggressive heat and add water to aid in the process then i suck it up into 1ml syringes
  8. my current ingredients mozilla.pdf heat up the oils and wax till wax is melted feco is a oil heat up my water with hibiscus flowers in to same temp as oil strain out flowers mix the 2 add lavender and argan when cooled a bit add alcohol when room temp as preservative
  9. it is supper easy ingredients : good quality chocolate 100g-250g (remember the better the chocolate the better the product) cream same amount as chocolate a bit of butter 1 - 2 tablespoon weed or feco or canna butter instead of butter honey 1 - 2 tablespoon cream liqueur 50ml caco pwder / crushed nuts /powdered shrooms step 1 : make canna butter i use 1ml of feco per 200g of chocolate step 2 : break up chocolate in glass bowl step 3 : heat up cream and honey until bubles start forming step 4 : add butter and cream to chocolate and stir from the centre till incorporated and uniform in colour then mix in liqueur step 5 : let cool for 2- 24 hours step 6 : put on gloves step 7 : roll balls then roll in what ever coating you want step 8 : enjoy
  10. well i tend to mostly smoke joints not a fan of pipes or bongs i will still smoke them i also eat feco or put it on a joint i still want to make some distillate and give that a go but i need a few lab pieces to even attempt i love making edibles last thing i made was chocolate truffles it was good 3 got me high 1 did it for non smokers and i make topical feco cream
  11. as far as i understand sativa and indica doesn't mean shit anymore because of homogenization and breeding for phenotype s that means you can have a plant look 100% "sativa" but when you smoke it you become the couch everything is mixed you cant find anything that is pure and the diffraction between the two types is more to do with geographical developing conditions close to the equator sativa further away indica and man has been fucking with phenotype s for ever just look at broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprout, kale these are all genetically the same plant wild mustard grown for different phenotype s
  12. It was but able to upload now Thanks
  13. Look at this plant and the strange head it is making
  14. Error is back I think the image upload limit is set to global instead of per post
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