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  1. when i used the steeping method i diluted it in water before use
  2. @Bospatrollie2 i work chicken shit into my compost and soil when i make new batches of soil i give my plants seed sprout teas now and it works great
  3. @Q9550 stop chasing the dragon you will never catch it
  4. a lot of time and a cool place
  5. well i hit a dab then roll a joint or a hemp wrap blunt eat some stuff now and then and eat oil now and then i smoke a lot
  6. what i decided to do was to use green shade netting i have a ton of it i have wire frames line with shade netting and bam any size air pot because i was looking at 300l size but the price is to high on them
  7. Gnome


    lets call it the grey market
  8. Gnome


    they say they pay taxes
  9. Gnome


    i went to one in pta prices are meh from 20 to 200 a g but the black market is still cheaper
  10. For my hydro vegies I use this
  11. things are happening the rest of the world should follow suit
  12. @Stinger96 ptsd look into shrooms Effects do carry through to the oil find somthing that works for you and make oil from that
  13. well that question is subjective what end goal are you aiming for why are you making the oil
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