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  1. ydt

    Coco problems [OUTDOOR]

    Plant is basically almost dead now. i'll be transplanting into soil to see if it can recover.
  2. ydt

    Coco problems [OUTDOOR]

    Slight drooping at the bottom of the plant other than that it's okay. Plant is starting to look very bad, throwing leaves off by the minute.
  3. ydt

    Coco problems [OUTDOOR]

    Sounds plausible ! its a 20l plastic and the freedom farm pot 40l. Its weird though cause it has gone trough this and recovered ? but this time its really bad. Also I have no idea what ec to feed them at in this state...
  4. ydt

    Coco problems [OUTDOOR]

    around 1.3 - 1.7 ? shouldn't be a problem though?
  5. ydt

    Coco problems [OUTDOOR]

    I did , but after watching some video's i took a wrong approach. I'm using cal/mag with every feeding though ? Next batch of coco i'll make sure its buffered correctly by letting it sit in the cal/mag for a while.
  6. ydt

    Master_G first grow

    Gratz on the bargain 😁 I'd look into jamiesgarden soil amendments less trouble compared to full on hydro. I have not personally tried it but I've heard only good things about his soil. and will definitely build my next medium with his organic additives.
  7. Hi guys this is my 2nd coco grow. about a month ago i had the same issue but it disappeared but now my one baby looks like she's on her death bed.I thought it was nitrogen toxicity but with a runoff of 600ec/5.5-6.5 ph that surely can't be the problem or perhaps underfed ? Medium - coco/perlite/castings/rockdust/bonemeal Feeding - Ehg 3 part series[Non coco] switched to bloom schedule , might be a problem? - cal-mag - Biodyne Environoc 401 - cal-mag crystal form - silicon - amino mix The bitch in the plastic is the one suffering the most. freedom farm pot is starting to show the same signs but slowly from the bottom. clippings Plastic container pics.
  8. ydt

    Bud rot/mold

    Ek lewe nog so why not ? 😎
  9. ydt

    Bud rot/mold

    use the budrot for oil man... atleast you'll get something from it.
  10. ydt

    Friend or Foe?

    flies lay eggs remain vigilant about the eggs that may have been left in the soil.
  11. ydt

    Need a doctor... stat!

    @African Noodle add some bone meal for flowering and you'll be alright man.
  12. ydt


    Hey man How old is this plant ? and what medium? he/she doesn't look too happy 😅
  13. ydt

    Need a doctor... stat!

    perlite/vermiculite? Before flowering plants throw off a lot of leaves especially outdoor (out of experience) and remember leaves can't repair themselves. So damaged leaves whether it be from nutrient burn / pests would stay until the leave falls off. leave discoloration due to nutrient deficiency can be fixed though. Elder weed growers are welcome to correct any of the above.
  14. ydt

    Need a doctor... stat!

    looks like heat stress with over feeding or nutrient lockout. Posting a pic of the whole plant would help 😅 also medium? and what nutrients are you feeding? and finally how often do you water?
  15. ydt


    coco ladies loving the environoc 401. Although I also wondered since most of us are feeding Ghe/Ehg/nutriplex [synthetic].