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  1. Hey SAStoner. Consol jars work fine but my favorite are LOCK EAT by Italian glass maker Luigi Bormioli, as they don't have a neck.
  2. and I'm dead serious Pat. You don't wanna fuc* with PM.
  3. @Pat999 says the guy who's got PM.
  4. @Justin Hemp Best solution and only solution in my opinion - cull the plants with PM before it spreads to healthy plants.....
  5. Invest some cash into bubble bags dude. They very versatile. Can make ice water hash, dry ice hash and even 99.99% dry sift.
  6. Looks amazing bro. Try pressing your 90 Melt bag into Rosin - unbelievable quality
  7. 20190401_185524.thumb.jpg.94eded857f1bb97581689416b3b542db.jpg

    Made a little Rosin last night - my favorite dab material 

  8. Full melt from 220 bags......doubt it
  9. You may be able to get multiple harvests from her. Still 10 weeks left in the season - let her finish, be patient.
  10. Please define "outdoor", ie does a greenhouse/hoop-house qualify?
  11. Moosed

    Nute Burn?

    Awesome, sounds like you on top of things. Keep us posted with pics!
  12. Moosed

    Nute Burn?

    Meaning the plant looks good. Leaf is green. Stems are green. She looks healthy but I am afraid that she will not stay like this....I say this because I can see lots of wood bark in the soil. Wood bark in its current state is crap, it needs to break down and decompose before adding value to the soil. At the moment its just acting as a medium to hold roots together. There are better options out there.
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