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  1. IMG-20180611-WA0003.thumb.jpg.52e432c1befe751b5e2f9a186e7c38c0.jpgIMG-20180611-WA0002.thumb.jpg.538187baf20766bce3c38d2db4e062d9.jpg

    Critical Super Silver Haze. Hash frosty $

  2. Moosed

    Bud rot/mold

    Choose 1 or a combination of the following: 1. Flower your plants later to avoid the rain rotting up your dense flowers. 2. Use local sativa genetics. The flowers are less dense allowing air to flow through the bud after rain. 3. Flower under a greenhouse cover so that no rain comes into contact with the flower. SIMPLE.
  3. 20171110_102028.thumb.jpg.4235c29ee3f0df8891a9082ec5ed49fe.jpg20171110_102049.thumb.jpg.2da3fc11565dd2bfe840a5252cf1ada6.jpg

    Next gen........looking healthy and ready to transplant.

    1. CleanGreen


      Looking good man!... How many days from clone cutting?

    2. Moosed


      Thanks man. Normally between 10 and 14 days.

    3. CleanGreen


      Thanks for reply... about the same time here 🙂

  4. 20180429_134939.thumb.jpg.94923f9907945e4e051b92d1b631f06e.jpg20180429_134957.thumb.jpg.9ebd16ff232ec6408dc5d04e8cbc8cb3.jpg

    Who needs mint when you have Cannabis.

  5. 20180512_070848.thumb.jpg.af58277d97c319a46da11f4e10e67aaf.jpgMaking some beautiful bubble hash. 

    Full melt quality.