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  1. @CleanGreen - If you want any sort of volume, you gotta have mommies!
  2. @Doug - The stretch may be due to the distance between your lights and the seedlings being to great. Bring the lights closer.
  3. @stretchy If I was a seedling I would wanna be in there. Looking beautiful
  4. It hasn't been an easy start. Really hate popping seeds, they like new born children, very vulnerable. Don't have the space at the moment so I am going to monitor these babies over the next few weeks and select the 2 (hope and prey they survive) strongest and then with a bit of luck 1 of those will be a female.
  5. I have done side by side grows with plastic pots and fabric pots, both indoors and outdoors using identical clones and have seen very little evidence suggesting fabric pots are better for the plant. BUT, plastic is killing our planet.
  6. @420SAThanks for this awesome platform. Peace
  7. @420SA There is a prize category for SCROG (2.Best trained plant - grower that has put their training techniques to best practice), but no prize category for SCROG's sister SOG. Maybe include SOG as another prize category or include SOG into the SCROG/Training category.
  8. Thank you @THEHIGHCO for some great products and incredible service.
  9. Rock on @TotemicThanks dude!
  10. Hey SAStoner. Consol jars work fine but my favorite are LOCK EAT by Italian glass maker Luigi Bormioli, as they don't have a neck.
  11. and I'm dead serious Pat. You don't wanna fuc* with PM.
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