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  1. Will definitely contribute come pay day! Like Zaskar said, R100/R200 is nothing compared to the knowledge and help that is available on this forum.
  2. I would buy all of the products advertised if I had some money lying around, everything looks great!
  3. Would love to try the soil, but it gets expensive with courier cost.
  4. Looks great, looks store bought!!!
  5. From what I understand it is "normal" for leaves to start yellowing and falling off during flowering. The plant is using its reserves to power the buds. I think that you wouldn't want yellowing leaves the first few weeks of flowering, as this could indicate a lack in nutrients. On the other hand, you would like to see leaves yellowing and diying the last few weeks, as this indicates that the nutrients in your medium is used up.
  6. Looks like your soil needs some aeration, adding perlite to the mix will help. Or maybe better yet, if you are not up to mixing your own soil, get some Freedom Farms Premium mix and transplant her. Also remember that outdoor plants are going into flowering mode, so I would make the adjustments/transplant as soon as possible.
  7. Regular vodka is half water, which means you would need to boil a lot longer to reduce it to oil. Haven't checked lately, but my local Tops sold Royal vodka which is 96% ABV last year. For Cape Town members I can get you 99.5% ethanol from Merck for about R1.1K (ex VAT) for 2.5L. Limited monthly supply.
  8. Sorry to hear! Thought this was only an European thing. Definately not advocating this, but knowing myself I would have just cut away the problem area and continue as per normal, like what you do with cheese and bread. (Although the bread you would probably want to toast first) Do not even consider if you are not healthy. We ingest millions - dare I say billions ? - of spores daily and all types of death causing organisms.
  9. Looks like a fruit chafer, the yellow and black ones are more common, which in afrikaans usually called a "tor". From google: Fruit chafers are familiar garden pests. They affect plants by chewing on the fleshy foliage and causing irregular holes, and they bore into the soft, ripe fruit to extract the juices, an action that spoils the fruits. This makes them unpopular amongst gardeners and farmers. Some of the flowers affected include roses, proteas, carnations and dahlias, and fruits affected include grapes. Can't find anything regarding their appetite for cannabis Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
  10. Welcome Swaziguy, nice chill community and lots of information! Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
  11. So I washed half the plant and seeing all the dirt, hair and bugs left in the buckets I washed the rest of the plant also. Will definetly do this with my own plants. I did the 4 bucket wash, room temp peroxide, warm lemon juice + baking soda, warm water, cool water. Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
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