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Neewbie needs advise

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Hi guys new to the forubut an old member , signed up sometime ago,  but with moving ad life happening , I forgot i was a member. So i moved into a premises and 1 mornig low and behold i saw something beautiful growing at 1st i didnt want to get to happy or excited and waited to see if its a feale so just left it all alone to grow and show its nature. I dont know what plat it is , plant is short and bushy withfat 7,9 fingers leaves , smells beautiful but not sure whemn to harvest , so last 2 weeks i cut some bud hang to dry and try to cure. I was wondering if i can get some help here. Will post better  pics in the morning when i take .           

I thax u guys inadvance




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Hi there, welcome! 

We gona have to see better photos before weighing in at all, not that it will matter anyway, If you wana smoke the thing by all means smoke it, but if you where looking for a :-2cents I'll only be making my deposit when I can see everything. In the past we've had people post photos of quite badly neglected outdoor grows with very poor flowers and sometimes all covered in WPM, asking us if it's ready to be smoked.... hope it goes without saying but sometimes it's good to ask before indulging in these things. nature can be quite tricky sometimes. 

Hope you get something nice there man, though chances for it being a stray bag seed from someones generic outdoor baggy is very very high, in which case you'll never really know what "strain" that is.

A comfortable 90% of ditch weed you'll come across will not be anything worth while. 

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Thanx for reply will be taking betta pics today , while the lighting is betta , dont believe in selling , wud rather sponsor where i can and make the circle bigger

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Hey guys

Been there once...done exactly that!

Went back to absolute basics. Organic soil, the sun, no nutes only compost, rain water, no ph testing, no training, no defoliation. She grew like a demon until a storm showed up....  

She was a good few weeks from harvest, some branches held on by the skin of their stems until I couldn't risk the wpm and bud rot and harvested. Some branches just sat on the tree and dried. She made awesome oil and a great smoke too. 


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hope you good! 

possible signs of WPM? 


here is to hoping it's not WPM!!! 😃

I was gona suggest finishing her up to get more and better quality RSO, but if those white spots are WPM it's better to chop her now before the WPM takes over, with winter fast approaching it's sure to happen if you already got the spores in the air. she's already flowering so can't really spray anything... you could push her till you see the WPM getting real bad then do a bud wash post harvest / pre drying.... 

if it's WPM and it's only a little there will be no problem in making RSO with it just like that as you'll have to decarb the weed at some point, which will help kill a lot of mold/bacteria spores that dwell on the surface. it just wont work if your plant is covered in the stuff... 

goodluck man, ecxited to see what goes down! 

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