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  1. @ Naughty. Psyconaut thnx 4 the tip will monitor .
  2. Thats what i wanna learn
  3. So i just took a few pics , i just never had 1 plant branch out the way this 1 did. Any advise on when to harvest . Please dont laugh , what is RSO
  4. Thanx for reply will be taking betta pics today , while the lighting is betta , dont believe in selling , wud rather sponsor where i can and make the circle bigger
  5. Hi guys new to the forubut an old member , signed up sometime ago, but with moving ad life happening , I forgot i was a member. So i moved into a premises and 1 mornig low and behold i saw something beautiful growing at 1st i didnt want to get to happy or excited and waited to see if its a feale so just left it all alone to grow and show its nature. I dont know what plat it is , plant is short and bushy withfat 7,9 fingers leaves , smells beautiful but not sure whemn to harvest , so last 2 weeks i cut some bud hang to dry and try to cure. I was wondering if i can get some help here. Will post better pics in the morning when i take . I thax u guys inadvance
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