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Curing Mistake #1 that really messes up your smell and taste.

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43 minutes ago, GreenBeans said:

Has anyone tried the grove bags? I bought a few from a hydro shop near me, they were pretty cheap and if they do what they say they do it seems like a much easier and space efficient way than having 7 million jars in my cupboards

Yes man! Works perfectly. Just be careful if using the big Wicket bags to not puncture the bag with rogue sticks/stems. This will defeat the whole purpose of the bag regulating humidity. Will definitely use them again.✌️

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I also have some Groveloc bags, still very curious s to how they actually work and ensure the humidity stays in a specific zone.


I do not trust them 100%, so I stick the bud inside the bags with a boveda just incase. 😛 

I also got a larger one, so then I can stick different strains into ziplock bags, leave the zip part open and put them all into the groveloc bag with a boveda for easier storage than multiple jars.

I still have jars though.


The Groveloc bags also helps contain the smell.

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These are some nugs that I left in the bag for about a week. It seems to be working, they are still springy and not too dry, honestly like using a boveda pack. It's been about 2 weeks since this pic, I'll have to check how they are holding up after work.

I also still have jars, but they just take up way too much space in my cupboards. If this experiment is successful, I will get rid of them ASAP.


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