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  1. Not really an expert on lighting and things but I have experimented with household bulbs and have veged plants under 3×8w bulbs each, and honestly the plants werent scrawny or excessively stretched out and thats just with 24W of screw ins per plant. This one is a bit stretchy, but thats just coz i kept the lights higher and was too lazy to move them down. Then this plant has much tighter nodes and is much bushier I guess the only way to know would be to experiment for yourself and see if you get the results you're after.
  2. @Stinger96 Thanks, I'll wait a bit longer then. What do the rocks do though?
  3. I just tried the water method because it seemed like the easiest, no fuss method. These also took about 3 weeks to root, I thought it was a long time 😄. I'm gonna put them in soil. So do you think I can plant them in the soil as they are now? I think they still look healthy enough?
  4. Hey guys, I'm a bit lost, i took some cuttings from a plant that I still have in veg and just put them in tap water and left on the windowsill for a couple weeks and they have started rooting. My question is how long should the roots be or how many should the clones have before being put into the soil ? This is my first experience with cloning and i just did it as an experiment, so I have no idea whats cracking
  5. @Apoche Alypse definitely not too late for an auto. I planted a couple autos in march last year and they seemed to do just fine
  6. @Naughty.Psychonaut 😂 No no, i meant to the plant. I think theres a discussion on rollitup about how using unbuffered MKP can cause PH issues. I also want to get a good aact system going it just seems like a worthwhile investment. And it would just make more sense for me. I have been using seagro during veg and then when it comes to flower, I get confused because I dont know whay to do for nutrition that would be simple to use 😂. So I usually toss bone meal in and whatever i can find that i think will get the job done. Havent had any issues yet but i think i could get better results being able to brew flower specific teas and it might be cheaper in the long run than buying biobizz bloom. Thanks for the schedule 🙌
  7. @Naughty.Psychonaut a pic would be awesome, thanks :D. I generally try to do the same, but i heard that too much MKP can do a lot of damage, so I'm just trying to be cautious
  8. @Naughty.Psychonaut tasty treats, plants look dope. How much MKP do you feed? I just got some and never used it before. If i can get results close to yours that would be nice
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