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Cannabis Expo

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What is up oaks. This weekend is going to be awesome. It is the Cannabis expo in JHB at the sandton Convention centre. I for one am suuuuuper excited and will be there with family and a bunch of friends. Tickets are R150 online and R200 at the gates. Anyone from the forum going to just have a look and are there any suppliers also going to be there? It will be my first cannabis expo and am super excited. Any tips or cool advise for the expo is welcome.

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40 minutes ago, The Grass Baas said:

are there any suppliers also going to be there?

Not so much growing supplies as there are cannabis products like vape juices, dry herb vapes, creams, and plenty people convincing you to buy into their next best cannabis business. 

Plenty of stalls with a large variety of products, you'll definitely discover something you've never seen before, even just out of curiosity. 

The best part of previous expos for me was the contact sessions with some notable individuals in the community that give their 2c regarding certain aspects of the cannabis industry. Anyone from Schindlers will be good. 

They didn't let anyone smoke any actual cannabis within the confines of the expo, not even in the huge smoking area that they had setup. This had upset a lot of rastas and even got themselves kicked out at one point. 

Last suggestion would be to not go at around lunch time, it was kak busy with people walking shoulder to shoulder. Either go in the morning, chow lunch at 1pm, then go back if you want to see anything more, this tactic proved useful. 


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Watsup guys. 

So yesterday was the day. We went to the Cannabis expo!!!!!!! It was lots of fun.

We saw so many people from different walks of life all in the same place with a passion for the herb. There was cannabis being smoked at an outside venue and also a VIP lounge which there was a guy serving dabs. He had a small selection but it was free an man did that lift a person up. A great observation was even though here were sooooo many people there was not an ounce of shit.

I understand that it is not a huge expo but this is still just the beginning phase. As soon as there is clearer legislation and laws set in place, we should see alot more people coming out the woodwork. So it is understandable that there were no seeds or cannabis being sold. I do understand that the expo is more on the bussiness side of the herb. None the less it was an absolute fantastic day. 

Myself and @John Stonedwell just had to leave our marks.




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Aw man! I'm actually bummed I didn't see this before the time. Would have been awesome to meet up. I had the honour of being able to perform there, was on at lunch time Saturday. It was so rad! 😁. I really wanted to listen in on all the talks and debates but didn't manage to get much in being involved stage side. Was a really cool expo and hoping to be involved in the Cape Town expo early next year 🤘

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