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Which herbicide?


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Looking for a bit of advice on herbicides, something I have never really taken much of a look into.


Want to get the garden in the new place sorted, done a bit already and cleaned up but with all the rain we have been having there have been a few weeds (not the type we like here 😛) popping up on the soil - so I want to get of them before I add a layer of landscapers mix and then lay down some grass.


Now I am lazy and during the day it gets very hot, so I have removed the larger weeds by hand and am just left with the smaller ground cover type of weeds. So someone suggested I look at spraying them with a herbicide, now I know Roundup lasts long so that is out of the question as I do not want to kill the grass I will be planting.


Apparently there is a spray which just burns the plants and does not stay on the soil and this will allow me to spray and kill the weeds and then plant grass on top afterwards.



Any idea which herbicide(s) I could use to achieve this?

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1 hour ago, Chris Jay said:

Prefer having weeds in my garden than using roundup. Whats interesting is we have learnt what weeds are edible and what are not e.g lambs quarter. Also lots of the weeds are eaten by our animals, used in compost teas or just added into the compost pile. 

Yea, here in the city the only animals are the cats in the complex or the birds. lol


I too an not a fan of Roundup. I see there are other "lawn herbicides" though. May resort to that once the lawn is in and if I still end up with weeds then.


I tried the Finalsan, the shit goes quickly. 200ml per L

So 2.5L from a 500ml bottle, could not even do the entire 70sqm of or so of the garden. Works okish, was hoping for something more dramatic... Like the plants dieing and burning and being all shriveled up.

I think it would work well for only a few weeds or weeds on a pavement. I ended up pulling a lot out with the use of a spade.

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