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Getting the most out of your phenotype


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this video been in my feed for a while, watched it just last night, good share man, thanks!

this video speaks a lot on the whole "skunk #1" discussion that was had on here a while back. every day in the cannabis community you will hear someone saying "I am looking for that old school genetics", in understanding what that means the people who say it need to also understand what they're actually saying. at the very least.

you can get a seed with that name, easy.

some guys been working with cannabis for long enough that they breeding seeds these days and they still claiming phenotypes from back in 1970's will be still the same today.

you might find seeds with those names, even the seeds with those names directly from the breeder that shat the brick of gold back in the 70's, that does not in the slightest mean that the genetics are still the same. 

Phenotypical Plasticity - I will remember that, because I know it won't be too long before I hear those "I am looking for that REAL DANK old school genetics" words again. 

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