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DynaVap M 2020 "battery free vaping"

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Hey Fam,

As lockdown hit, some of you know I was enquiring about vapes and was extremely disappointed in my previous bought G Pen x DGK vape.

So, I placed an order on a Dynavap 2020 model, from the https://vapestore.co.za along with an Apollo 2 Induction Heater, and the reason for this later. 

No jokes, this little thing, for its size, packs a punch, and because it's so small, it's easy to carry and hold or hide in one hand discreetly. Comes apart in seconds for a moments cleaning, and then you right back to creating clouds that aren't full of carbon, and you can soak it between sessions to make it no work at all.

Has minimal parts and full stainless body, sturdy and quality built for a lifetime, that is for sure.

You are never out of batteries or charge, you are always ready to go instantly.

Maybe you are like me and if you prefer to smoke it at home, then you can add the Apollo 2 Induction Heater too, and you can get the perfect hit ever single time, no guesswork on where to place the flame for your desired effect. 

I say desired effect, as you can heat the tip more, for a flavor trip, or the base, to head to outer space, and you can do that too with the Apollo 2, by leaving the vape to click on the cool down magnet and then heating it again for a second time before the hit, for your full hit.

They also recently brought out a limited edition Rosium which is as beautiful as the galaxy itself and really couldnt resist adding this to my collection too. 

The 2020 M model, also comes with the new Captive Cap, which stay on when shaking and doesn't slide off like it use too on earlier models, and you even can attach this to your favorite bong, waterpipe or wooden neck, so many options. You even get a double airport for either left or right hand control, or if you feel like rolling it while pulling for the best flow and to change flow direction (seeking the slight whistle sound).

I bought the Apollo 2, as I didnt want to use a lighter and darken or damage the cap from the flame🙈 I mean, such pretty how can you🤤

Not sorry at all that I have invested in these, best purchase since I started smoking, after the plant, of course 😊





@Vape Store

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8 minutes ago, StickyD420 said:

@Ill_Evan,my apologies for posting this here, and then seeing the review section, please move if you can or would prefer. I didnt even see the other and thought I had it correct. 

Done 👌

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