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Ph my insecticide/water mixture b4 spraying leaves or not?


Wanted to know if i should ph my mixture wen spraying insecticide and if so wat ph should I use. Growing with coco/perlite/seedling mix of 3-2-1 and about 1 parts worm casting. I do add small amounts of rock phosphate, dolomite lime, bone meal, turbo grow and diatomaceous but small amounts as im not 100% sure. Using bio-bizz nutes. Sprinkle some mycroot under seed or b4 transplanting as well. 

Which is the better between the two insecticide I posted, I have both on hand. 


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46 minutes ago, Fridgedoor said:

Hi @Louis, I used the biobizz range myself and I would interpretate it as follows:

1st week: 4ml root Juice

2nd week: 2ml Fish mix

3rd week: 3ml Fish mix

4th week: 3ml grow / 2ml bloom

5th week: 3ml grow / 3ml bloom

6th week: 4 ml grow / 3ml bloom / 2ml topmax

7th week: 4 ml grow / 4ml bloom / 3ml topmax

8th week: 4ml grow / 4ml bloom / 4ml topmax

9th week: see week 8

10th week flush.

That's how I would interpretate it and how it makes sense. Correct @afternoon blazer and @Prom?


Spot on brorher man

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