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Repurposed Spray Bottle

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Hi. I'm in the middle of my first grow (indoor) and I'm wanting to spray my plants with some 'Ludwig's', but spray bottles are sold out everywhere. 

Would it be possible to rinse out and use an "Air Scents" bottle?

(After rinsing out, the fragrance still lingers in the bottle and I obviously don't want my tent\plants smelling like an ablution block).

Other suggestions would be greatly appreciated as well. 



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I'd try rinse it with some hot soapy water and then I'd use to.

Plastic does tend to retain smells, although I don't see it affecting your grow or the scent entering your grow.

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Yea it should be fine... 

I'd switch out the hot soap for some jik or domestos... Let it soak for 20 min or so and it should remove all smells. 

But either way... You could use it as is and come out fine without the smells. 

Like PsyClown said... It's the plastic that's retained some smell... So the tiny lingering amount won't make the smell pronounced 

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