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    Girl Scout Cookies; Amnesia Haze; Northern Lights
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    Coco Coir
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    120x120x200cm tent
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    General Hydroponics Tri-Pack (Lucas Formula)
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  1. Mr.Pink

    From the Big Screen

    Alexander - Truth
  2. Hi. I'm in the middle of my first grow (indoor) and I'm wanting to spray my plants with some 'Ludwig's', but spray bottles are sold out everywhere. Would it be possible to rinse out and use an "Air Scents" bottle? (After rinsing out, the fragrance still lingers in the bottle and I obviously don't want my tent\plants smelling like an ablution block). Other suggestions would be greatly appreciated as well.
  3. Mr.Pink

    From the Big Screen

    Jose Feliciano - California Dreamin' 'Once Upon A Time in Hollywood' (most recently/notably).
  4. Mr.Pink

    From the Big Screen

    Snippet of 'Geto Boys - Still'. From the movie: 'Office Space'.
  5. 'Il Grande Duello' (The Grand Duel) by Luis Bacalov Also used in 'Kill Bill Vol. 1'
  6. Hi. I'm new to forums as well as growing, and I'm certainly looking forward to interacting with all of you like - minded folk. I am in week 2 of my first ever grow and I believe that this would be the best place to get some advice for any challenges that I will face... hopefully minimal. ✌️
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