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Cleaning hands and gear

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The cleaning of your gear.. and if you do not wear gloves, your fingers, can be made easy with a simple trick.

Oil.. I use olive oil, seems to bond best.. but free to try others.

You use one drop.



Spread the oil over the area and scratch with your finger nails the rest hash off, no worries, will not stick. Once happy, use the scraping part of a kitchen sponge to clean the scissor to shine. 



Fingers, just wet with oil and rub off to a ball.


Due to the oil.. don't smoke that.. but bon appetit 😊


Clean hands and sponge with detergent. Can leave the oil on the scissors 😉 


Happy growing

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Interesting, I will give this a try next time I forget gloves.


On my scissors I normally just soak them in some isopro alcohol, acetone works well too.

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I use surface disinfectant that you can buy from any hospital pharmacy. 70% ethanol and 4.2% isopropyl alcohol. Less than R50 for a bottle.

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