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Chris Jay

Fullmelt Filtration Bags

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So fnnn amped that bubble bags are being produced locally by a very cool gent indeed. Sad to say I have not pulled my act together and made hash yet, party party party. Already had agony from the "original" bubble bag man about this bags, cause the po*s has the patent on bubble bags. Pot politrix. But even he complimented the bags design and development.

Anyway. Fullmelt filtration bags are unreal, best bags I have ever seen. I have used about 3 different types of bubble bags in my life. So amped to use these, dont know what is stopping me. But here is the intro I made for the company. No this is not sponsored content was lucky enough to get sample bags because reliased I knew this guy since he was at varsity, used to help him out with his studies 🙂. So glad he decided to do this and make something much needed in SA. These bags are really the real deal in concentrates and extraction.  The world is coming back to bubble hash and its only getting better. Got some unreal cherry bomb bubble hash from a mate up the north coast recently, you could smell it from a mete away. The owner is a young dude, new into cannabis but has been investigating and blowing himself up for years.

I will post the final product once I have pulled my head out my arse.
PS any of you guys remember my Powerpoint presentation from about 15 years ago using stockings. Would love to find it. The joint in the PPS took 20 minutes to smoke. power malawi hash was made.


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