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Danks Giant Cookie Bird


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At last managed to complete the harvest of this outdoor GKB lady. 

Spread it out over a couple of days based on trich colours as we tried to aim for the best flavour and potency. Wouldnt have been able to trim all her buds in one day anyway.

Mother nature wasn't on our side either, rainy days, butterflies, worms and budrot. Fought them as best we could, but we paid a bit of tax. 

The buds were sticky with good resin produnction with a refreshing, spicy, herby scent. Will do a dry weight when they go to the jars. 





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Pleased to have this lady trimmed and dried and jarred.
Was quite an undertaking.
Did pay a dash of tax in the way of budrot caused by rain and worms, but that is how the ''Giant cookie'' crumbles.
Pretty sure in ideal circumstances she could yield more, but we are quite chuffed with the results.

All in all she yielded 487gr dry.

Thanks for sharing your beans@Dank.
Will do a smoke report after curing.

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