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Organics Matter - Organic Growing Quiz

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Organics Matter - Organic Growing Quiz

Organic Growing Quiz

How well do you know organic growing and all that's involved with it? Take the quiz and you could win an organic growing kit

Sponsored by Organics Matter



Quiz ends 5 December 2018

You have 5 minutes to complete 12 questions. The winner with the most correct answers in the fastest time takes home the prize

Questions are multiple choice

CHEATERS WILL BE DETECTED! Do not attempt to use multiple profiles to do this quiz. YOU WILL BE DETECTED!


The winner takes home the following

10L Vermicompost

10L Perlite

10L Cocopeat Coir

5L Biochar

1kg Rock Dust

1kg Dolomite Lime

1kg Gypsum

1kg Soft Rock Phosphate

1kg Alfalfa meal

500g Kelp Meal

500g Crushed Oyster Shells

1 tub of Mycoroot



  • Submitter
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    Graded Mode
  • Time
    5 minutes
  • Total Questions
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1 hour ago, 420SA said:

Is anyone having trouble accessing the quiz?

There was a permissions error that many were experiencing. The issue has been sorted now

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At first I didn't wanna name and shame but then I thought screw that you will be exposed. @Darkestdays and @StonerJay13 are the same person. He initially did the quiz under Stonerjay and then went on to do it again under Darkest days where he managed to secure a place at the top of the leaderboard, quite unrealistically which lead me to investigate.

Let it be a message to those who want to try as well. You will be caught!

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I was scared to do the quiz but then i said, the heck with it. How will i know what i still need to learn if i did not do it honestly. 

So i just did it to see what knowledge i don't have yet and now i've got little pointer i can go research and nail the next one.

Clearly the same goes for this guy, he would have cheated to get a sick price and he wouldn't have had a clue what to do with it :poke 

Thank you @420SA for making sure this awesome prize goes to someone who deserves it and will actually know how to use it.


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3 hours ago, Breadinator said:

I don't have permission through tapatalk.

Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk

Yes. Quizzes can only be done on the website. Just visit the site in a browser

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Congratulations to @Green Leaf Organics. You've won the comp with a score of 100% and a time of 1m01secs  :-clap 

Just 1 second off the pace was @Lee-Anne . Congratulations to you on your attempt!

There were a lot of people with 91%. Which question stumped you guys?

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