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  1. Regular ^^ its a Cheese, grown outdoor Maybe outdoors perhaps ? somewhere in the mountains close to a spring I have to perfect place in mind ^^
  2. I'll help fund it no problem ! Not chemdawwwg
  3. Harvested{the frosty one} today Guess the genetics ^^
  4. I'd love to meet some growers from cpt? anyone keen on a genetic trade session ???
  5. Weirdly enough, these mother bitches has also appeared on my plants this last 2 weeks :/ I bought seizer100 , to use or not to use? http://makhro.co.za/wpcproduct/seizer-100-ec/ Guy at the store said it will have no effect on my buds :?
  6. Lol exactly why I don't want to break up with my psycho gf
  7. My Auto Sour Diesel I bought from them, didn't germinate the first seed I got from them that didn't germinate :sad: But I've had success with: Cheese Auto ak Auto kush Blue cheese
  8. Awesome (= I'll have tons of female bagseed genetics to plant (=
  9. Well I bought autoflowers from them and the plants where definitely autoflowers. but we'll know for sure when I harvest. Their packaging looks smooth but like you all said, your not really sure if your getting the real deal. Anyway at least I know the auto's are actually auto's xD
  10. Okays -I super cropped my lady outside, she's busy repairing! She turned hermie though -My auto AK is doing awesome,well at least i think so, you guys can judge? -My outdoor blue cheese is looking good but for some reasons she's really light green -I have 6 bag seed seedlings doing awesome(waiting for sex) -Random bagseed flowering @dankydank SO all the seeds that come from a hermie plant are female O_o?
  11. Awesome info! Thanks. have you had any seeds not arrive from those seedbanks?
  12. I'll google that Led's: http://www.hydroherbafrica.co.za/shop/led-hydroponic-grow-light-300w-power-20000-lux/
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