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  1. Just remembered I sent out some pics of last years harvest, this was some of my best Deleted
  2. While i have your attention, I do the same thing with my seedlings, but I've heard that reveging them, even if they don't fully bud causes a slight decrease in quality for the next time they flower, is there any truth to this or did I just get bad info? And is it possible to somehow do the same thing with autos?with like a hormone or something, I have some auto white widow seeds I made from a winter grow a while back I'd like to try it with, they get quite a bit bigger and have a longer lifespan than most autos so I don't think I'd loose too much yield by doing it, if it's even possible
  3. That's helpfull, suppose I should have thought better about adding them into the mix, they are intended as a topdress, and it does make way more sense that way, maybe then nitrogen can volatize a bit and iron being more on the immobile side in soils will take longer to seep in, thanks for the advice
  4. Thanks, how much bioocean do you use? I stopped using it because I found the excess iron was locking out manganese and the high N to C ratio was causing my leaves to curl, but maybe I was just using too much, I prefer the all season pellets now days, I find I can use those at 200 g per 10l where I would never have been able to do that with bioocean
  5. Thanks, i lost all the pics of my previous grows but here's some of what I've got going at the moment Deleted
  6. Couldn't agree more, commercial stuff ussualy sucks, thats why I only use small amounts, just for the sake of diversity and to save on my own
  7. Thanks, I add the amendments to the coco and water it with worm tea a little while before adding in the rest, I like the compost to be fresh when it comes in contact with the roots Yeah i do, I make castings out of horse manure and I have a pile of 50/50 alfalfa/kikuyu grass composting at the moment that I plan to add borage and comfrey to when the plants are big enough to take from, I'll use that to layer on top of my garden soil though. Why do you ask?
  8. No I'm not new to cannabis, been growing since I was 15, and have had four pretty decent consecutive harvests since, I'm a good grower, just not consistently
  9. Thanks.Yeah I've been growing in soil for quite a while, used to use alot more chemicals though
  10. Hi, I need some help with making a soil, I'm no newb to growing organically, I've made alot of mixes in the past, but most of them were experimental flops, and I'm still not sure what makes a good soil good to be honest The ingredients I have right now are : horse manure worm castings(weighs 350g per litre), grow green organics kraalmis(cow manure/sawdust humus, weighs 400g per litre) most of their batches are quite undecomposed but I got lucky and scored a couple bags of pure humus, grow green organics mushroom compost (basically just partially decomposed bark, very acidic), coco coir, dark loamy clay garden soil and golden wattle leaf mold, I also have access to culltera herb mix, wormbosch castings and perlite but I'd like to avoid those because even though i know how good they are I don't feel it's worth the price, my local nursery over charges for them. For amendments I have: bloody bone meal(5-10-0), dolomite lime (10% mg-16% ca, Epsom salts, gypsum, talborne 5-1-5, protek guano pellets (2-3-2) it's poultry manure not guano, bioocean poultry manure pellets with kelp and fishmeal(3-2-3 and high in iron), all season poultry manure pellets(4-1-3), superphosphate(0-5-0) it's not as bad as most people say, it's basically just calcium phosphate(same compound as in bonemeal and plants) and gypsum, then a bale of lucernce for mulch The recipe I have in mind for seedlings and vegatative stage is 10% kraalmis, 10% mushroom compost, 25% horse manure worm castings, 5% leaf mold, 5% garden soil, 45% coco with 100 g all season pellets, 50g guano pellets, 20g dolomite and 20g superphosphate for 10l, it's close to a recipe I've used before but with more castings, less mushroom compost, less lime and without Epsom salts, the other recipe also didnt have garden soil or leaf mold, both of which I'm using as a microbial innoculant and replacement for rock dust To make up for the lack of perlite I just make sure my soil is fluffed up and is holding the most water it can without being too wet or heavy when it goes into the pots, then water gently until a hard layer forms on surface to prevent compaction All my plants go from 1l to 10l pots and then into the ground, I'll probably do another post asking for some advice amending my garden soil in the near future, sorry if this post is too long, just wanted to give the maximum amount of info for the best feedback, please criticize my mix, should I ditch the superphosphate and dolomite then replace with bonemeal? Should I maybe not use wattle for leaf mold? Is there ANYTHING anyone would do different?
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