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  1. Hey, No need to worry about posting this here, we're happy to be transparent about this. Fast Ways has seemingly lost 3 of our parcels this year, out of the thousands that's been sent, it's not a common occurrence, but never excusable. And the worst part is that our attempts to get it resolved are similar to yours. The delay in email response is likely due to us having to reach out for updates from Fast Ways and then waiting for a response on their end. I wish we had control over the shipping, but once it's in Fast Ways hands, we really have no control over anything and we rely on them to do their job (which unfortunately they seem to be unable to do at times). We've had issues with both Courier Guy and Fast Ways, in fact we've had issues with every courier we've tried. There really seems to be no ideal solution to the problem. Let me assure you though, that you will not lose your money in this. We typically work with Fast Ways to reimburse the customers (it should be them doing it, as it's their service that is failing us both). As Prom said, if they arrived - they had the package at some point. Some idiots there either just lost it. I'll try and fast-track this for you with the team. But I am aware of this order issue, as I have seen the team going back and forth with Fast Ways trying to find out where the package is and how to proceed. Someone may have actually already contacted you - but I'll follow up now and drop you a private message with what I figure out. Apologies for this, trust me - I'm as annoyed with their service as you are.
  2. Just also worth adding to this, that THC percentages only tell a very small fraction of the story. The potency of a strain is really more about how one's own endocannabinoid system translates the components of the plant itself, not just the THC. For example, you may find a 25% strain weaker than a 15% strain. There are over 100 compounds in cannabis, just with regards to cannabinoids and they all play a role in the effects. This isn't to nullify THC as a whole, but to rather recommend buyers look at/find what lineages work for them and purchase strains in accordance with that. PS: I'd say majority of THC test results are suspect. Labs have been openly exposed offering clients doctored numbers in exchange for good reviews/brand exposure etc. So just take it with a grain of salt.
  3. Hey guys, Just wanted to let those interested know that we've just restocked our Jinxproof stock. The 9lb Hammer is definitely a favourite from a lot of growers/smokers and our supplier finally restocked (first time this year I believe), so we grabbed a bunch. They are up on the site now, there's also a few new Bodhi strains added.
  4. Jbeezy is/was Seed Junky. We had a lot of Seed Junky gear available last year at around the R3000 price point. But they joined up with Cookies 🙄 and stopped producing seeds, moving more to the rec flower market. Now the price of their beans have shot up dramatically (happens when breeders retire) With that said, there's still a lot of real Seed Junky / Jbeezy cuts around on the market here (Including Wedding Cake), it may not be the breeders cut but it is the original breeder seeds. You'll find a few more pieces of their gear floating around the market here in S.A as well.
  5. For sure... I actually meant to add HSO (Humboldt Seed Organization) as an excellent budget breeder. I definitely respect HSO for that market. Fast Buds I've heard great things from, but my personal experience has been pretty negative so I just couldn't get myself to do it. I think I just got unlucky though, got some really terrible phenos from the beans I popped. Flowering at week 2... Mephisto are up there as the top tier autoflower breeder though, Mephisto and Nightowl are the top tier of autos.
  6. How To Pick The Right Breeder For You This guide is written by @trichomechaser and seeks to provide some basic insight into what breeders you should be looking at for your grow level and give you an idea of costs. For the First Time Growers Firstly, when purchasing seeds one should probably buy within their skill level. For example, you don't want to be getting 50% germination rates and spend R5000 on a pack of seeds. So adjust your budget around where you think you are in your growing abilities. Start off with more affordable yet trusted breeders and as you feel more confident in your grows, upgrade to better genetics. First time growers are often prone to popping bag seed, and while that's a great way to practice your germination techniques, it's not going to be fun when your first grow is a 15 week flowering Sativa landrace, which is a tough (and annoying) grow for many. Instead pick up some affordable feminized seeds, there's a few breeders on Biltong and Budz which are excellent for this kind of first grow, Bulk Seed Bank is a good choice, or something from the B&B Bulk section (These are typically wholesale seeds bought from trusted breeders). For the Newbies So you're confident in your ability to germinate, but perhaps you still hit a few issues in veg or flower and feel like you need to still tune in the basics, this point it's worth at least looking into some breeder packs. A decent budget for a 3-pack would probably be around R300 to R600. Some breeders you can look at are: Sweet Seeds, Ripper, Dutch Passion, Barney's Farm etc. There are a lot of breeders which fall into this category, my personal favourite would probably be Ripper as they do have access to some cool cuts. This tier of breeder is typically out of Europe, in most cases Spain. Pick a strain that appeals to you, while growing in accordance with your conditions is useful too - do some research into genetics and find out what lineages you like. For example, I'm a chem and OG kind of guy and that's what I look for when I buy seeds. I'd rather struggle with environment a bit and enjoy the product than pick something easy and not enjoy the result. The Guys Who Have It Dialed In So you are happy with where you are as a grower, at least for the most part and you're not worried about germination issues. You have a good lighting setup that hits all the necessary minimums in terms of your space. At this point I'd recommend starting to look at more high end breeders. You will start seeing that feminized options start to become smaller in this range, as the truer breeding practices of regular seeds is more of a sought after aspect. There are negative aspects to fem lines from a lineage perspective (especially when not done correctly, like many breeders seem to), so many breeders will focus on breeding regular seeds. I'll go into more detail in another post about WHY regular seeds are different and in ways superior. Your budget should probably be set in the R1000 to R2000 a pack range. And there are actually some really good breeders you can find in this tier. It really is a big jump from the commercial and often outsourced breeding that takes place at lower cost prices and delves more into breeders who work their own lines and have a focus that is less and quantity and more on quality. Some breeders worth checking out in this range is Karma Genetics, Jinxproof (new stock on the way), Bodhi (could even fit into the next tier but prices are within range here), Dark Horse Genetics etc. Bodhi and Karma would be my top picks, Bodhi is an unbelievably good breeder and one of the most well respected in the industry. His work also happens to be affordable. Karma is a European breeder, but one of the few to have a lot of work with big breeders in the US side. They are definitely worth looking into and work with a very nice Biker Kush male in a lot of their lines. The Production Growers / Connoisseur If you are looking to grow top quality flower you're going to need to fork out. While both Karma and Bodhi could fit into this tier, I've reserved this for the more expensive breeders. When you have a budget of R2000 - R5000 this is where you can look for breeders who are either A) Creating really good looking bud or B) Doing good breeding work. The reason for high prices from breeders are either one of two things, a breeder looking to make money off hype regardless of whether their line is stable or not. For some people it's all about the looks, and if you're going solely for instagram bud then In House Genetics is an option. Their breeding practices aren't ideal in my view, and there are breeders I'd rather run over them, but the flower does move on the market. I personally don't like the way they breed everything back into their own lines (example, developing Slurricane and then just crossing it to everything). Though if you don't care too much about that, In House is still a really good option to get some great looking flowers in what is often a short flowering time. What differentiates these breeders from the cheaper ones is that these are the guys who have access to cuts that only a handful of people have. For example, there may be an elite clone-only cut called "Pink Tricycle" and a cheaper breeder may say something like their strain is "Pink Tricycle x Something" and in reality, in many cases they simply created their own version of Pink Tricycle that only has a few similar traits, but is actually something completely different. But a top tier breeder will network with the guy with the real cut and actually breed with the real thing. Girl Scout Cookies is a real world example of this, happened a lot over the years and continues to. Archive Seed Bank, Swamp Boys, Oni Seeds, Jungle Boys and perhaps Capulator would be my top picks. Sure, Capulator relies heavily on his MAC work which isn't great for breeder diversity but it will definitely move on the market. Archive kill it with their hands on approach and excellent breeding techniques, Fletch works close with his plants and everything they do is tested in house (no pun intended), a lot of the breeders in this price range still don't do in house testing and outsource some of their work. I prefer the hands on approach. Swamp Boys are another breeder that are heavily slept on in South Africa, it may not all be just trichomes and dense buds, but they work with legitimate cuts and are well respected in the breeding community. I'll go deeper into this at another point but what you should really be looking for is a breeder who is well-liked/respected in the industry, as those are the guys who will have the real cuts (news flash: half of what breeders say is in the lineage isn't the case, that's why you need to find a good breeder). Jungle Boys need no introduction, I'm sure. They are one of the biggest producers in the US for the rec market and they have HUGE facilities. Why does that matter you may ask? SELECTION! The more plants a breeder is able to run through, the better. They do 500+ plant hunts, meaning they have a huge selection of breeding stock and pick only the best. The prices aren't cheap, but it's some crazy fire. Oni Seeds I find to have a good balance between integrity and photogenic bud. Oni have some great cuts they work with, produce some excellent flower and while still not being unethical about their work like others. Remember though, when you work with real cuts you do sometimes have to hunt through herms. Clone only strains may have herm tendencies - if you are opposed to tossing out herms (all part of the pheno hunt) then you should do some research on the lineage and the cuts used and try find some information on how stable they are with intersex traits. Things like Cookies and Chem D for example do have herm traits in them, and they always will if the clone-only was used (as it should). There are definitely more breeders than listed, so if you have queries just shout and I'll try assist.
  7. We ended up putting these up at cost price + R100 as well, it may definitely be a bit rich for some people's blood. But it falls inline with the top tier competitors, a bit cheaper than Jungle Boys/Capulator/In House (some strains). Wouldn't recommend it for people who are just looking to run some budget beans, but for the guys who feel they've got a good handle on their growing and want to utilize that to create some crazy flower... Then they are a great choice.
  8. The Archive drop will be happening early this afternoon for those waiting! 🙂 We'll post a story on our IG when it's up.
  9. This drop is going to be one of our craziest yet... Archive Seed Bank are a top tier US breeder renowned for their owner Fletch's integrity in both the community and breeding in general. This drop was a rerelease of some of the company's classics as well as the much sought after Moonbow crosses. I woke up at 5am on a Saturday to get this order in initially, and much of it was sold out within an hour. Unfortunately this drop also came at retail price (we don't get wholesale discounts on very new drops), so the prices will be a little higher, but we will be selling it close to our cost. I'll update this thread with the drop information once the package arrives (today or tomorrow). But just wanted to create the awareness, if you're thinking of copping something crazy - this may be it. Below are some Face on Fire which I finished running recently (The 3 phenos I got)... There will be a couple packs in this drop!
  10. Cheers! Yeah, we aim for 3-5 days however during big drops/sales we may need an additional day to run through the orders, and sometimes couriers are just unreliable and we'd rather customers be pleasantly surprised than expect an early delivery and then get screwed over by the courier.
  11. Haha sorry, finished half my train of thought. The other one is Swamp Boys, their work is really good and all proper breeding not just seed making. I'll do a proper post here soon in its own thread what separates S-tier breeders from the rest. But I personally don't mess with anyone selling strains with a completely different lineage to the original cut and just using the name. For example companies who don't have access to the real Girl Scout Cookies (clone only) but make their own cross with a similar terpene profile and call it Girl Scout Cookie seeds. No hate to anyone who does wish to run that kind of gear, but it's scary how many people aren't aware of the fact that what they are buying isn't the real thing at all, just something else borrowing the name.
  12. Nice! Thanks for the support! Just shout if you have any queries at any point.
  13. Oni are really solid, I'm sure that you're familiar with some of their work. Quite a few of their strains have been used by other breeders in their crosses. If I had to spec out a good way to find if a breeder is premium or not, look at how many other big breeders are working with their cuts. Oni is perhaps most well-known for the Tropicanna/Tropicanna Cookies, which has been run into a lot of other hybrids. I would choose Oni over In House personally, I feel like they have slightly better breeding practices. I will also just throw it out there that two MASSIVELY slept on breeders locally are Archive Seed Bank (Possibly my #1 breeder overall, high end quality flower with massive pheno hunts, while still holding the breeding practices that a lot of the other big breeders give up on). For me it's important that the breeder test their own gear and still has input in the breeding process, a lot of these bigger ones now are just paying workers to do their jobs).
  14. Just an update. We've managed to mostly stabilize the website - there may still be some errors, but should be far more stable and enough to get through orders.
  15. We were having a few stability issues, the site is live now. But there are errors occurring due to server resources and high traffic. We're already in discussions with our server host to resolve this, but if one encounters an error - please refresh until it works. I know it's annoying and we do apologize, but we encounter the same things when doing orders from major US seed banks - drops are always a bit of a PITA. We hope to get things resolved ASAP though for smoother drops going forward
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