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    Durban Poison
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    Coco/Perlite & Organic Soil
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    HID & CFL
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    Durban Poison, Swazi Gold, Northern Lights
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    Grow Tent 240 x 120 x 205
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    Biobizz Nutrients & Nutriplex
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    Mostly Joints and the odd glass pipe

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  1. Employed? Unemployed? It doesn't matter! This is your opportunity to earn a decent commission on affiliate sales. Click on the link below to register to become a Sacred Seeds Affiliate and earn 10 - 25% Commission on all your sales. https://sacredseeds.co.za/affiliate-home/affiliate-register/
  2. The special is on while stocks last. Buying in a group would benefit everyone... 🤑
  3. https://sacredseeds.co.za/product-category/sacred-seed-specials/
  4. Thanks! I will do so. I used spend a lot of time on this group few years back as "Sir Smokalot", then life happened. Now i have less time to grow because of Sacred Seeds. It's all worth the sacrifice.
  5. I'm the owner of Sacred Seeds. I dont know how many members have bought from me on this website but you will get a better response if you ask for a reference in the facebook group "Cannabis Club of South Africa" or any of the other cannabis groups on FB. You are welcome to email me on admin@sacredseeds.co.za if you have any other questions.
  6. Welcome @GreenBeard! It looks like you're overwatering and one seedling is already damping.
  7. I will enter DP in 3 weeks time when she has a bit more growth. :thumbups
  8. Welcome @Thatoneguy! You will learn lots here!
  9. NB: @BLUESHEPHERD Good advice given by @Deebo420
  10. At least you are learning :thumbups
  11. The soil already sounds suspect. Get some perlite and add it to your soil mix. Otherwise that plant is doomed. It doesn't matter how little you water that soil, it will mostly stay waterlogged which will lead to root rot. :-2cents
  12. I have know idea. I've heard Epsom salts works well, you can get it at any supermarket. Calmag is not expensive either.
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