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  1. Im selling my complete grow setup with everything you need to start growing. this includes the following: -DIY grow box (450x550x880) -Growopz 75W growbar (with power supply to add another 75W) -Carbon filter and extract fan -hygrometer & fan -organic nutes included (see image) -a lot of extras which include fans, ducting, ph & EC pen (see image) Check my instagram @capegrownian R5000 for everything.
  2. I have a bunch of CFL and LED bulbs that i used when i started growing, they were good for my first grow but I've since upgraded to a QB 5-off 20W warm white CFLs 2-off 25W daylight CFls 4-off 14W daylight CFLs 5-off 9W LEDs il also throw in all my connectors and boxes i used to grow if you want lol.
  3. I bought The Grow Stations Bud Bag. They don’t give a breakdown of what exactly is in the soil. They supplies worm wee and alfalfa meal. I mixed some alfalfa meal into the soil and used some as a mulch. I use the worm wee when watering as recommended. the lowest leaves are just slightly lighter then the rest so il not too worried but i was just curious to know what i can use to boost the N.
  4. I have a very small grow space im looking for 8 - 12 equal tops. Im not too concerned about time, i plan on vegging her for at least another month. i topped her, see image below.
  5. Hi guys, what can i use to fix a nitrogen deficiency. Im using living soil so im looking for an organic nitrogen source.
  6. This is a Skunk#1 that shot out two stems after the first 2 leaves. 30 days since she popped out the soil. Both sides are on about the 5th node. Can i top her now or should i wait a few more days.
  7. That’s exactly what ive been doing 👍🏽 but im gonna use this LED light till i find a nice QB
  8. Thanks for the advice CreX, ive spoken to MasterG. the only reason for Cfls in my case was because that was literally the only lights i could find during the lockdown. Some feedback on the Spotlight/growlight... The plant seems to be loving the new light but i guess anything would be better then the 2 20W cfls she was under before.
  9. Lets see what it can do before i return it lol.
  10. Im patiently waiting for Growopz to make more QBs and then this seemed like a good deal and its easy to return things in takealot so i went for it. I might use it for two or three days to see how the plant reacts but she is currently halfway through flower with about 120W of 2700K cfl and 60W 6500k cfl. i want a full spectrum light to use for the full cycle and then il always have the option off adding the cfl bulbs where necessary for flowering.
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