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    Awe Skolley. Welcome. You've come to the right place
  2. Aaah, thanks guys. I was never expecting A grade from my first ever grow anyways. My main goal was to at least make it to harvest...even if it only produced 1 bud. @reaf those pics are of the areas which I thought were affected. I guess when I saw the leaves darkening I panicked and assumed the worst. Thanks for the advice 420 I'll make a new mix of nutes tonight. @tk yeah I know now where I went wrong with the feeding when I switched over. Thanks for your input homie. Will keep y'all posted. @coco don't apologise to me. Apologise to any other newbie who comes on here to learn who may have seen your post.
  3. Sup everybody. It's taken me a long time to build up the courage for this post. Mainly because I'm about to show you guys what my plant looks like..and compared to what I've seen posted on here my plant looks like Sloth from The Goonies. Mine is a White Widow. Grown in coco/perlite and man...she's experienced almost every kind of problem there is. From overwatering/underfeeding to calmag/N deficiency, spidermites alles! I didn't have much faith in harvesting anything from this plant and was prepared to just start fresh, but I stuck it out with her so that I could continue my learning process. She's now in her 5th week of flowering and that she's made it this far itself is a miracle. Anyways, I've only just figured out I've also not been feeding her properly in her flowering phase. Before her last feeding a few days ago I was still giving 5ml each Micro, Grow and Bloom mixed in 10litres of RO water (450ppm). I've since rectified this and mixed 8ml Micro, 10ml Grow and 20ml Bloom (860ppm) And I haven't even come to the worst part yet... You see, winter in my crib is fucking brutal! My room, where my cabinet is also situated, is cold as balls man! So now the temp in the cab when the lights are off drops to as low as 15 degrees celsius. It gets a max of like 25 when the lights are on, which is ok. This has surely affected the plant as you will see on the pics. The leaves around the buds are turning a dark colour. This only started a few days ago but is elevating quickly. I did some research and iv found out that this could be a sign of Bud rot. Which is like GAME OVER if i understand correctly. Anyways, have a look. Tell me what you think. And advise me as best as you can. Thanks for listening. W ://" /> " />" /> " /> " />
  4. Yoh Toby...that is pimpin' indeed! You could make money selling these to lazy people like me lol I definitely wouldn't mind throwing my salary at 1 like this
  5. wallis55

    F1 & MotoGP

    Sup bro Im a Ferrari fan...since the Schumacher days. As for drivers..I like Alonso and Hamilton. Iv never been a fan of Vettel but it looks like he will do Ferrari proud this season! Rossi for Moto GP What a race this past weekend, eh?
  6. Awe Ninja Welcome to the forum ma se kin:-puffin
  7. Yoh! Lightning quick response Thank you guys.
  8. Sup guys I want to increase the humidity in my cab but cant afford a humidifier. The highest i get is about 32%. Looking to reach at least 40% Does anybody know of any tips and tricks to increase humidity without having to buy any gear? Much appreciated
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    Haha! Awe, Stevie definitely smoked some dodgy shit yesterday. Congrats on the win
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    Pacman is the best, I agree. I'm just saying, Mayweather's strategy is very hard to beat.
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    Awe, ons praat weer Sondag Lol, you're a brave man to bet against a fighter who's undefeated. Im a Pacquiao fan, but I can't see him beating Mayweather.
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    Haha! You truly believe that?? Awe, I' have bud for the victory smoke after the game lol
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    Aweh ouens n vrouens Any footy fans on here? Big weekend coming up with LFC v MUFC and then El Clasico both on Sunday! Who's rooting for who? YNWA
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    Aweh welcome Pierre
  15. Thanks for all your advice dudes. I think i'll go and buy one of those PC fans like Toby. But now the question is...how am I gonna cut a 12cm hole in the cab?? Does it mean I have to take the cab apart? I really hope that's not the case. I totally suck at DIY!
  16. Thanks for the feedback guys. Fire, that would be highly appreciated. I look forward to your post.
  17. Sup guys I need urgent advice. I have a heat/ventilation problem with my current grow cab using 250W HPS. I have now decided to go with CFL's instead. My plan is to get about 6 or 8 30W bulbs. (not even sure if you get 30W) Could you guys tell me where in Cape Town I can buy the bulbs, sockets and everything else needed, please? If I could buy everything at one store that would be ideal. At the moment, my seedlings are getting light from mother nature outside in my yard. But I want to get them in the cab asap as my housemates are starting to ask too many questions and Im running out of lies to tell them hahaha! Looking forward to hearing from y'all Peace!
  18. That makes sense. The room in my house will ofcourse be warmer than your garage. The temp reading in the cab without the light on was around 23, 24 degrees. I also have the temp sensor about 25cm from the light. Okay, thanks ouens..looks like I'm gonna try my hand at adding an active intake. Seems easy enough in my head I wish I was more of a DIY handy man...but i used to bunk woodwork at school and rather get stoned. Oh the irony! hahaha
  19. Thanks man. Im not sure about the room's temp, will have to check it later. When you say add active intake, you mean like adding a fan to blow air into the cab?
  20. Do I only put them under lights once they have broken the surface? Once they're popped and in the medium, can I just leave them in my dark cabinet until they penetrate the surface?
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