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    hortiliquid nutrients A & B
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  1. Mornings van, enjoy your stay mate... Keep cpt proud and green
  2. Salaams bru, thanks for the warm reception ppl much appreciated
  3. evenings people, call me ninja or shadow or whatever lol im from the cape flats male 28years old im a manager for a food company chances are some of you guys frequent our stores. ive been smoking 10 years or more noob grower looking to learn more and increase my knowledge base,if you need anything or help were i can msg me or mail me thanks
  4. evenings gents and ladies, excuse my rambles but this would be my first proper post. i will start with a brief intro followed by setup and plans and leave the floor open to input and feedback. okays i started smoking about 10years back mostly cheap taarie found on the cape flats untill varsity life showed life beyond cheap weed god was i blown awat. bear in mind if you from the cape flats the only weed available is the cheap crap and on occasion rooi bart that was nice,lol back on point so i done some research after a friend sgared some of his grow and the more i read the more i fell in lusr with this gracefull and life saving ladies. i rgen randomly grew some outdoor untill finally deciding to start my failed attempt at indoor i say failled cause lack of knowledge and patience killed my end product early in her flowering stages,lessons well learnt that.... fast forward a year later,i got a 2m high by 800cm cabinet il use for grow space,i build a custom cfl fitted with 6 e27 slots wich will be hanging by chain for easy adjusting,got one pc fan for a etractor but im tempted to fit another, and run them together, on the floor of my cabinet il be putting air vents for fresh air, im going dwc with a 50l addisware tote bin customed to carry four plants.in clay pallets but i would like lava rock if i can find them in cape town. gotta nice strong pump to generate oxygen at 6000cc/min my nutes are hortinutes A & B i gt ph up and down need to still get a ph pen got seedlings what else is their? future plans well i smoke randomly so this is purely a hobby and potencially go into breeding for my own personal use and out of love for the ladies try to better understand the art of growing. leds one day bigger set up maybe, potencially using the entire cabinet as their is two sections still un tapped. thanks for reading people share your views and insight im eager to learn more and walk this path with you guys cheers happy easter
  5. i need something for odour control, any tips for something cheap? does the gell really work or should i buy the activated carbon
  6. intake strips,hmmm interesting thought can you give more details?
  7. i need some input which size clf is better e40 or e27 ? im running 6 e27's at the moment but could be tempted to go bigger but finding strong bulbs would be a issue. and no i dont wanna go hid so dont even bother gents ima simple guy with simple needs
  8. so guys i need some advice do i add another fan to my box,its a 2m high by 800cm cabinet, using 6 cfl's growing four ladies in a dwc system. the pix of the set up is in my gallery please bear with me im still finding my feet on this site any advice or input
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