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  1. R150 and it's at your door the next day. I have no issue paying that. To date, I have had no problems with them.
  2. Hey Wallis, well done on the grow. So what if it's not A-Grade. I think you've done really well. This is the best way to learn. Photo's posted, positive comments and away you go. Any info that helps is good info. Next time, try posting pics early, get some early advice and keep posting. You'll learn SO fast! You will be growing A-Grade before you know it.
  3. All on timer switching on and off at the same time: One inlet fan, two small desk fans, one 600w MH running at 75% with a cooler hood. Extractor runs 100% of the time. My temp sits at 26.5. If you are getting 25 with no extraction, I would suggest sleeping in that cupboard because man oh man, you live in a cold area! :thumbups
  4. I want to nominate Leaf's post - "The GLO way" http://www.420sa.co.za/index.php/topic,595.msg4723.html#msg4723
  5. Run my lights at night to help with load shedding, also keeps the babies warm.
  6. First grow? Wow, looks like a very experienced grow! Well done! Hard work and dedication pays.
  7. I germinated all my seeds from them in moist cotton wipes and I have only had one fail to germinate.
  8. Spend the money and buy decent soil. I started with that picknpay stuff and it's full of unnecessary crap. Buy decent soil from a gardening place. In most cases, the more you spend, the better the soil. I now use a German mix. I add worm castings, perlite, vermiculite, Turbo Grow, and even some Leca. What you don't want is to spend R50 on soil, and the grow fails. Spend the R150-R250 and make a rich soil that produces a decent crop.
  9. I bought from them a number of times, never had an issue. I just germinated 5 seeds (Durban Poison, Blueberry S Diesel, C*99) and all germinated and are growing well. All the seeds arrived in tiny plastic containers, not bankies. I have never had cracked seeds or anything out of the ordinary.
  10. So long as the government cannot make money out of it and the pharmaceutical companies lose money from it, it's doomed. It's all about money. Since when has mother nature ever provided anything medicinal that is dangerous? The powers that be cannot earn from something we can grow in our gardens. So, make it illegal. How many people die from smoking cigarettes each year, how many alcohol related deaths are there each year? So why are these addictive substances not illegal? Because you cannot just grow it. When it requires certain processes in manufacture, the government starts earning. The best statement we can make? Just grow our own!
  11. The SSH has gone Hermie as Reaf said it would. What do I do? The Guava Ghost train is 2-3 weeks from finishing. The SSH (under normal conditions has 5 weeks. Will the Guava Ghost get fertilized if I leave them together? Is there enough time for the Guava to start focusing on seed production? I will destroy the SSH if it is the best thing to do. I can start again.
  12. Pics as promised: Some leaves look good, some are drooping. Is there hope? This dowel is very thin, it looks huge, it's not. (And to any smart-asses, no, that's not what my wife says) More: And a couple of pic of the Guava Ghost Train
  13. Thanks for the comments guys. Here is what I did. Two days ago, I was wondering if she was drowning, so I took a pot, the exact same pot as she is in and punched it full of holes with a soldering iron. I then put some dry soil into the bottom of this pot, not much soil, very little actually. I then took a soldering iron to the pot she is in and made a cut about 1cm above the base and ran the iron all the way around the pot. I also punched a whole bunch of holes into her pot from the sides all the way around. She looks like her pot was shot by a pellet machine gun. I was able to drop the base of the pot out. (My biggest fear was root rot). Out came a solid compacted flat 'plate' of soil . Essentially, I was holding the piece that I cut out and it was solid with soil. Wet compact soil. There were some roots in it, so I checked them and the did not smell, they seemed quite healthy. Anyway, I put that base aside. I picked up the pot that the girl is in and inserted it into the other pot that I punched full of holes. According to my measurements, there should be about 2mm gap between the dry soil in the outer pot and her base. Such a small gap, but enough to let some air in and if the soil in the base falls, it's only 2mm. I then placed a fan blowing onto the outside of the pot and the soil. I have stopped using the dehumidifier as it seems that the extractor is doing a fine job. This morning, she still looked droopy. Her giant fan leaves are dying and lying on top of a lot of the buds, so I cut them away. I did this for a number of reasons. I wanted to get airflow through the lower section and also to get some light to the buds and their leaves. Also, just past 6 weeks into flowering, I was expecting these leaves to die soon. After I cut away the leaves, she looks a little less 'bushy', but I was surprised that she does not look 'that' bad anymore. I may still lose her, but there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel. Her smaller leaves seems to be good. Some are erect and some are a little droopy. The fact is that I have cared for her and I genuinely care about her and I think this will make a difference. I am also hoping that the fan and the double pot will dry out the base soil. She was getting a bit weak knee-ed, so i put a dowel in to support her. Hope that this means that her buds are still growing and that she is getting heavy. I must make a correction. I made an error with something, I used Perlite, not vermiculite. (Sorry guys). The compost that I used was that organic 'super grow' stuff. Yes yes, next grow will start soon and the learning curve has been ridiculously steep. I won't use peat again and I will ease up on compost. Next is Durban Poison and two little Cinderella 99's. I will post photo's tomorrow of her and then of my pride and joy, the gorgeous Guava Ghost Train. (please note that I am a beginner and that even my Guava Ghost is showing small over nute signs. I have adjusted everything since two/three weeks ago. Now all they will be getting is water.....and not very much of it) Watch for the pics tomorrow.
  14. Two days after flushing, this is what I have. Is this normal?
  15. I did the flush, I put the pot onto a steel grid and left her to drain as long as I could. She is in what i think is a 10L pot. So I flushed her with 20L of water. She is in the tent now sleeping. The dehumidifier is running, and so are the fans. I will test the soil in the morning and see how dry it is. I expect that the soil will take a few days to show drying. I am just worried about her. But, a part of me really does believe that this was the right thing to do. Some people recommend flushing a plant atleast once in it's life. So let's see!
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