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  1. Hi there everyone. My name is van and I reside in the Northern suburbs of Cape Town. I am an IT Technician at a local company here, but I am looking to perhaps go and study again next year. After wanting to do IT my whole life (and being particularly good at it) I have realised that I am missing out on so much sitting at my desk the whole day. My first time I smoked was with a group of friends on a farm. We made a bong out of a Bonaqua bottle, a reed and some tin foil. It's been a long journey and my approach to Cannabis has changed dramatically since then, but I'm still sneaking around my parents house with my brother after they have gone to bed. My dad is an avid veggie grower and we grow most of veggies and salad ingredients. I will one day follow in his footsteps, just with my own kind of herbs.
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