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  1. 18 minutes ago, Naughty.Psychonaut said:

    hahah I swear the same shit happens to me, everyone always want something untill the day I wana give stuff away then I have to announce it 100 times and no one seems interested! 

    If I was any closer to your side I would've jumped for those seeds and mycos, 2 things you really can never have enough of. crazy that there's no takers for this! 


    Can always ship it to you for R99.

  2. On 7/3/2021 at 9:52 PM, Prom said:

    Mhhhh a dehumidifier only works with a cooling unit, you can't collect water with a hot circuit, would just vaporize it again. Your system releases warm air, is most likely the hot air coming from the compressor. My hot air gets to the outside over a 150mm aluminum duct from the dehumidifier unit, has two exits, processed air and waste air. Is a multi function thingy, can heat, dry and cool. I only use it on dry or cooling function during summer. Now in winter i have the heater inside the tent. One vent circuit brings the warm raised and most moist air to the outside. And the second brings it from mid tent range to the veg tent to use the less moist air again to heat the tent up more. 

    The hose ends in the toilet ^^ so no tank issues. But.. no cooling.. no dehumidifier working 🤓

    That my friend is a portable Aircon and not a dehumidifier.


    I have some of those portable aircons which I want to put up for sale actually. Great for cooling, but not very good at removing excess water I find.

    Same as with a mid-wall split AC unit, great at heating and cooling but sucks at removing excess water and cools the room down.


    A dedicated dehumidifier warms the air up before expelling it back into the room and does not have a dedicated exhaust hose for hot / cold air, unlike a portable aircon.

    Also a dehumidifier uses little power, under 500W on all the home units I have seen.

    If you want to be able to remove excess moisture, get yourself a proper dedicated dehumidifier.


    @Marzcanna I'd prefer a bigger unit, but a very nice option for someone who can get away with a smaller dehumidifier! Very good price too if it was R1500 landed.

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  3. @Prom sounds more as if you are using a portable AC on dry mode? AC will cool the air while trying to remove moisture. Dehumidifier will warm the air while trying to remove moisture. AC dry mode does not work nearly as well as a dedicated dehumidifier and cools ones room which is not always wanted and you cannot set the desired RH with an AC.


    @Marzcanna How many liters can it remove within 24 hours for interest sake? Looking for something like the GMC 26L dehumidifier which removes 26L in 24 hours at 30C and 80% RH.

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  4. On 6/18/2021 at 11:52 AM, Ill_Evan said:

    Somebody done with autos?😉

    Yeah, no space to grow autos. Was going to run them in my veg tent, but not going to anymore.

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