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  1. Diary Update So another week gone and plant 6 is starting to look real good. Very happy with the progress. I defoliated a little, but not nearly as much as some of the other growers. The male is also doing well, still stretching a bit, but that seems to have stopped. So now to keep an eye on those sacs. The other 2 females are going strong in the background.
  2. Got the sticker from thehighco.co.za with the seed delivery. Did also order a bong, so the sticker is random as there are more than one as far as I know.
  3. Looking forward for this to start. Might delay germination by a week as we are moving house...but don't know if I'll be able to wait. Here are my seeds that arrived in May Thanks to Thehighco.co.za
  4. Here is my entry. As a first time grower I am very happy with how it is going, thanks to all the help received from fellow growers here.
  5. Well....at least you'll have lots of seed to experimant with and grow for next season then.
  6. @Kgrows that sucks bigtime...at least the outdoor comp is starting soon
  7. Maybe on one plant, but that is not the plan. I'll pull the male before it drops any pollen....or I'm going to try to do that. We'll see how it goes, because they tend to surprise you out of nowhere.
  8. @CreX @Kgrows ok so I'll keep a close eye on him, but the male has now joined the females in the flower area. I suppose I'll be slightly behind seeing that it is only going into flower now.
  9. Diary Update So I'm almost 3 weeks into flower and it is going great ...I think. Plant 6 is looking nice dark green and the flowers are starting to make more pistils. I've added plant 4 and 5 to the flower area as well as I've run out of space in my veg area. The chocolope male is also still going and the balls are increasing in size ever so slightly, but they have not dropped yet. Hope to get some pollen to save. The rest seems to be slightly more sativa, so they shot past the chocolope. Someone mentioned that the chocolope are known for having leaf mutations, and many leafs are showing some extra parts.
  10. Diary Update So tomorrow will be 2 weeks since going to 12/12. It is finally starting to look a little diffirent to the plants that are still in veg. All good so far. Started adding more bloom with the nutes as well and it seems to be working. She is drinking a lot now, so I can't miss the water timing.
  11. Missed update. Went to check on the plants and meant to take photos, but did not. Was too tired. Will do update tonight.
  12. @Kgrows I'm still running the nutes as per your suggestion of 16/8 bloom/micro, but I've started adding the grow as well at about 10-12 which then puts my ppm around 1800-1900 including the calmag. Every feeding is slightly different with a different ph between 5.7 - 6.2. It's been a hell of a learning curve, but it seems to be coming together now. The light is the last thing that I still need to dial in, but it seems to work for now.
  13. Diary Update So I flipped over plant no 6 last Saturday, so I'm almost one week into it. Will see how it goes. It seems like I have the nutes, calmag, light and heat just right at the moment as the plants are definitely looking their best since the start. The plants are in overdrive when it comes to water at the moment, and the flower enclosure is running warmer than the open veg area, so will keep a close eye on the. Might move 4 and 5 over to flower as well this weekend, just giving their side branches a bit more growth time. No 6 The rest are looking good as well. The little ones I'm trying in organic soil, so will see how it goes.
  14. Diary Update So another week has past and it seems like I have finally gotten the hydro grow thing kind of down. I've played around with the ppm a bit and managed to ger the plants a little darker. Will hopefully get everything ready this weekend to put no 6 into flower on its own. Now that they are growing I almost don't want to, but I suppose I'll have to eventually. I have not done any training due to the growth problems at the start, so I'll be growing x-mas trees with only 1 main cola and maybe a couple of little ones on the side. No 3 No 4 No 5 No 6 The jack herer also finally came out as female, so maybe I should mix my chocolope male with it and see what I get.
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