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  1. Hi guys, I had it identified on a Canadian group. It is a landrace Africa - Durban Poison. Thanks for your replies. Canna greetings 😎
  2. Thanks It looks like an Indica.
  3. Thanks for your reply. So it is Cannabis for now.👩‍👩‍👧
  4. Hi, this plant is 3 1/2 weeks in flowering Is it possible to identify the strain already or is it to early. Would like to know the strain. This is my first grow and is indoors. Thanks, Jacques
  5. Tx for your info Should not be a problem. Tx all for your info. Should get something that will work in Bloem.
  6. At Builders I can get Grow Master.
  7. I can get grow master at builders.
  8. I need to go and have a look tomorrow. I did read it already someware thats why I am asking. Thanks for the response.
  9. Hope I can get it in Bloem. Wonder if Builders have it.
  10. Hi which potting soil from cultura can I use for repotting my seedlings. Have wrongly used compost with only perlite. Help is welcome.
  11. Hi, I like to know if any one uses prescribed medication and cannabis and if it is save to do so. Greetings
  12. Hi canna-friends, I am a electrical artisan in the water purification industry. I live where I work in a remote area close to the Leshoto border. I grow up in the Netherlands and as a young lad I came across Marijuana many times. If you like to know what I mean look for Pinkpop 1972 at YouTube. Now growing cannabis for your own use is legal and start growing for myself brings back many good memories of my youth days. My work as an Electrical artisan is a 7 to 4 job and in my spare time I started as a first time grower. Greetings, Jacques
  13. Jacques

    Hi All

    Hi, First grow, seedling stage from 6 days to 17 days. Greetings
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