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  1. Budwizer


    Def male.
  2. Budwizer

    LED light burn

    In the spirit of sharing experiences, Here’s a pic of what LED light burn looks like. I have done a lot of research regarding how many umols I should be covering my canopy with. Firstly, it’s very seldom you find growers with the instruments to back up what they’re saying. A distance figure means little when everyone is using different lights. Even the manufacturers distance rating goes out the window when you’re using more, or less lights. The best info I’ve found, stated 700umol/m2/s as the golden number for LED. This one plant in my current run got a little more than that for about a week. So, I’ve raised my lights a little and getting an even 600umol/m2/s now. Based on my experience and measurements, I’d recommend 600 as the upper limit for full spectrum LED without CO2.
  3. Budwizer

    Thrips and their damage

    Thanks for posting this. Always good to have a reference.
  4. Budwizer

    Help Identify

    Perfect recovery🤙🏻
  5. Budwizer

    Help Identify

    Foliar Epsom with Fulvic 5 grams Epsom to 1ltr, 3ml GTH Fulvic to 1 ltr. Spray the underside of the leaves. Do one ASAP, then again 3/4 days later. But what has caused this? What you’re seeing is a symptom. You need to get to the root of the real problem. If it’s a problem now, then it’s gonna be a problem through the whole grow. Mg def means one of two things: too much Ca or Na or P in the mix, or pH out of whack. You need to sort the problem, then the symptoms will go away.
  6. Budwizer

    420SA GrowOff's

    Thanks Tote! Sure, covering cost of transport is the least we could do.
  7. Budwizer

    420SA GrowOff's

    Agreed. But logistics will be an issue. Plus, someone will have to donate/ supply enough cuttings for those who want to participate. If we can get over those hurdles, let’s do it.
  8. Budwizer

    420SA GrowOff's

    Makes sense to all grow the same thing. Maybe even from the same breeder. One guy could grow a kickass Sativa, but it’ll look like shit. Another grows an Indica, and everyone thinks it looks better. Not a fair fight. I think we should also agree on what training is allowed. But your choice of style, ie soil, soilless or hydro. We could subcategorise grow style. So, same strain, limited training options. It’ll make for an interesting comparison. I’m running all LED, and organic soil. No pesticides, not even Neem. I’d love to see how my growing compares to someone running HPS, with the same genetics and also no pesticides.
  9. Budwizer

    420SA GrowOff's

    I love the idea. But I’d need to know you guys are committed. If we do this, we do it properly. What is the criteria for winning? Biggest plant? Prettiest plant? Heaviest yield? Best product? How will that be judged and verified?
  10. Budwizer

    Roll Call

  11. Budwizer

    LED vs HPS

    I’m doing my first run with all LED, seed to harvest. Day 26 of 12/12.
  12. Budwizer

    LED vs HPS

    So? What happened on your comparison?
  13. Budwizer

    Black Friday Madness!!

    Look, I know Growguru are decent guys. I can attest to their good service. But. Making a big deal of your Black Friday sale, and not having the stock to back it up is like sending out invitations to a party , and then forgetting about it. You have people arriving all dressed up and ready to party, but no band, drinks etc. It’s a dick move.
  14. Budwizer

    Black Friday Madness!!

    Such a stupid site Have a Black Friday sale and no stock. Yeah Growguru. Way to piss of potential customers Just another incompetent business faking it in SA.
  15. Budwizer

    Advice Please

    You cannot use water with such a high ec. Period. You have to change your water source, or get a RO unit.