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  1. Shot mannn, when they start getting emmerson effect and their own tent they gonna be vaing. (post of lighting to come when their tent is ready)
  2. DIARY UPDATE: No complaints, all looking healthy, they got some foilar Silicone + from GrowGuru today. With the usual microbes and Worm tea watering.
  3. I've learnt that using common household glasses/cups, kills seeds Did you presoak in a polistireen cup?
  4. All seeds are out so 100% germination rate. Not once before have I had such fat babies in my tent, these are really pleasant to look at. Keen for what's to come👀😁
  5. Thanks for the closeup man, whack whack lil plant going there.
  6. So when did you germinate bud? Exceptional growth you have there!
  7. Update from Saturday - one is definitely performing better than the rest. I accidentally broke the taproot off a seedling when trying to split them (not twins I was impatient and added another seed in the pot). Dipped the broken taproot into CloneX and put it in its own pot.
  8. Whoooo hot lighting setup 😍👌
  9. Leave the husks bud, if they up they good😁 Welcome to the competition. 👍👍
  10. Woh can we have a closeup of #3 there? Looking whack
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