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  1. Diary Update So I'm happy to report that my plants are still allive one week later, previously they all died right after the seedling stage. Nothing much going on, as I have not had the time to move them into bigger containers, so that will happen over the weekend. The initial stretching also don't look as bad as it did at first, although on the photos it still looks pretty bad
  2. So at least 4 decided to get out of bed...hopefully the other 2 will show up eventually.
  3. Goodluck...hope they show signs of life quickly
  4. It is a fanstatic idea and someone has to start. Unfortunately until such time as the govenment has put something on paper, this is going to be risky. Not that anyone is doing anything wrong, but the police don't care and will go out of their way to make things difficult. With Fields of Green's new Stop the Cops innitiative, this might be the fight they are looking for to make the cops follow the law as they are suppose to uphold. Hopefully trade in cannabis will be legal soon and clubs/coffee shops can be open about it like in the Netherlands, but only time will tell.
  5. They look very good @BorisK9 I also have one straggler, so will see what comes from it.
  6. @Totemic very interesting. I stand corrected. Thanks for the info. I thought it would change as soon as you have a second seed in the mix.
  7. @greenkush calculating the probability of a female from a single seed would be 50/50, but as soon as you add the second seed, the posibilities change. What @growopz mean is that your chances of having one female from the two seeds are more likely although there is still only a 50/50 chance for either seed on their own. Probability calculations screw with logic. Therefore with 6 seeds your probability of getting 1 female is almost 100%, but there is a small chance of getting 6 males as well.
  8. Looking good there. Nice to have 7 from 6. Hopefully they are all female.
  9. They all look good. It seems once they get going there is no stopping them.
  10. You did germinate on the 25th with the rest of us, so try and get the rest going. They might be hanging back by choice. If they don't show by tomorrow morning, I would go dig them up. Lightly scar the seeds with some sand paper and put them paper towel until you see them push out a root. Then you won't have only the one opportunity.
  11. Looking good. Not stretching as much as mine did and hopefully they are done now.
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