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  1. Good luck with PM, I can spot that shit from a mile away.
  2. @SkunkPharm plants looking good bro. nice. Just noticed something in the last pic - is that PM on the leaves or just the camera angle?
  3. Day 57 Female 10 nodes, 1.5 cm internodes 24 cm high, should start getting bushy Enjoying her new pot, light and environment. Expecting some really good growth over the next 2 weeks. @Totemic strain seems very sensitive to light burn, also noticed it with some of the other grows.
  4. @CreX Definitely not new leaf. The new leaf is above on either side and about 1cm long. Look right next to the stipules, the preflowers (Calyx) can clearly be seen! If its female, I should see a pistol within the next 2 days.
  5. Day 53 Early pre-flowers - looks like a female 🧖‍♀️
  6. Should have done this a few weeks ago.
  7. @CreX Sadly I just don't have space at the moment. Hopefully from Spring I will have a set up again. We have had show days every Sunday which has screwed things up. But watch this space - gonna have sick rosin soon which I would love to give out to a potm winner.
  8. Will be posting an update this evening. Need to collect from a mate who's been looking after my plant while I have been away.
  9. Sorry guys, I have been away and due to space constraints I have selected 1 out of the 6 plants. (busy moving houses) With some luck she will be female.
  10. I 'm thinking the golden period for flipping is going to be between the 1st and the 16th of August. That gives around 6 or 7 more weeks of vegging. @420SA I don't think there's enough time left to do a proper SCROG grow as not enough side branches would have developed by then. I'm probably not even going to attempt a SCROG as that method will delay vegging even longer, especially if you are going to be topping.
  11. Good question @CreX @Totemic In your experience, what phenos can we expect and how long does each pheno flower for? Don't wanna be switching with 8 weeks to go when its a 10 week pheno.
  12. Well done @Stoukie and @CG420za Enjoy your hoodies, perfect timing Brrrrrrrr Brrrrrr
  13. There was no interest from the other members. 17 votes less 7 votes (yes you can vote for yourself) = a massive total of 7 other people voted. Maybe they all regarded our entries as shit.
  14. @CleanGreen - If you want any sort of volume, you gotta have mommies!
  15. @Doug - The stretch may be due to the distance between your lights and the seedlings being to great. Bring the lights closer.
  16. @stretchy If I was a seedling I would wanna be in there. Looking beautiful
  17. It hasn't been an easy start. Really hate popping seeds, they like new born children, very vulnerable. Don't have the space at the moment so I am going to monitor these babies over the next few weeks and select the 2 (hope and prey they survive) strongest and then with a bit of luck 1 of those will be a female.
  18. I have done side by side grows with plastic pots and fabric pots, both indoors and outdoors using identical clones and have seen very little evidence suggesting fabric pots are better for the plant. BUT, plastic is killing our planet.
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