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  1. Frankenstein OG This top cola was so big I had to bend her away from the light.......but she bounced back with a round house kick of freaky foxtails. Basically if you smoke this weed you will instantly become a member to every club that was ever invented, worldwide, because you will be awesome.
  2. @Ill_Evan Hit me up in private for an extraction course in JHB.
  3. @biometrics That sounds rad! and then you can puff on it at work all day - puff puff pass
  4. @Dr. Green You are right. It's crazy expensive but it comes with a lifetime guarantee. Shipping is ridiculous but it's because the XP weighs over 30kg. I could not believe the weight of this thing. Bullet proof. Taxes were about R 7 000 so only worth it if you can bring it in under a company name so that you can claim the vat input back. I recommend the Nugsmasher mini - can probably bring one in for less than 10k excl accessories.
  5. @biometrics R600 for 20 sounds madness I will keep importing - quality is insane and cheaper
  6. @PsyCLown, thanks dude. The strain is wedding cake - it's incredible, bong exhale tastes like it smells. I've only done a couple runs with dry ice hash and the result is pretty potent. I have a nugsmasher XP, built in the US and weighs like a ton. Super good build quality. Flower, I'm getting between 15 and 22%, but I can tell you the flavour is incredible. 160 micron for "fresh" , meaning still has been dried but contains some moisture. Freshly picked flower contains too much moisture and the humidity level is much higher than the ideal range for rosin extraction. Live rosin takes a few extra steps - flower is frozen before any drying takes place, then processed into bubble hash, then the hash is freeze dried (love this step, but don't have a freeze drier, yet), After the fresh frozen derived bubble hash is dried, it's then pressed into rosin and provides one of the best highs and terpene profile of any concentrate. And best of all, it's SOLVENTLESS
  7. @SkunkPharmHey man, I actually haven't made THCA isolate.......yet, to be honest I have never even seen it in person. Hopefully next year I will present some pure THCA diamond pics.
  8. @biometrics I get them from a supplier in the states. Bags come in 3.5g, 7g and 14g 160 micron for fresh sticky flower 120 micron slightly sticky drier flower 90 micron dry flower 37 micron kief, hash, dry sift and to produce isolates I'm pressing on average 190 Fahrenheit at 90 sec but still dialing in the different strains
  9. @biometrics you'll also get a better final product by pressing in a bag.
  10. It's all "CBD" strains........................even the very high thc strains are selling in disguise as "CBD"
  11. Strawberry amnesia - Who finished all the stawberries?😕
  12. Welcome fellow stoner!

  13. @PsyCLown Needs an option for *all of the above* 😁 At the moment I'm ripping rosin dabs.
  14. @Oolong83 you contradicting yourself because the video you posted does not support your earlier post. I'm with Jorge!
  15. I am not a fan of pulling fan leaves unless: They are damaged, yellowing They are infested with bugs, PM They are covering a flowering bud site in flowering They are impeding air flow They are far below the top fan leaf canopy All but 3 & 5 can be fixed with better environmental controls and pest management. I'm not sure if understand the point of removing fan leaf just to create more leaf.
  16. Well done @Stoukie and @CG420za Enjoy your hoodies, perfect timing Brrrrrrrr Brrrrrr
  17. There was no interest from the other members. 17 votes less 7 votes (yes you can vote for yourself) = a massive total of 7 other people voted. Maybe they all regarded our entries as shit.
  18. @CleanGreen - If you want any sort of volume, you gotta have mommies!
  19. I have done side by side grows with plastic pots and fabric pots, both indoors and outdoors using identical clones and have seen very little evidence suggesting fabric pots are better for the plant. BUT, plastic is killing our planet.
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