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This is how I built an overpowered light worth $2500+ on the market for only $850. All currency is CAD.

Watch the 6 part growmau5 series to learn the wiring:


For the grounding plug:



4x Hlg 185H 700ma in series drivers (i suggest you buy the newer 240H model) $250

40x 5000K $350

7x 3000K $25
(You can use less I used way too many)

All are bridgelux Gen 3/ C3 (Make sure theyre all plug in only dont mess around with the solder ones unless you have 100+hours experience in soldering)
The 3000k ones I used were soulder onlys. Lost a couple due to human error

Total Cost (TC): $575

(Choose a better material for frame, I used wood composite because I was lazy) (I would think aluminum would be the best material but all have their pros and cons)

Wood composite 2x2ft v

Matching plastic 2x2ft (painting frame) $50?

Thermal tape (sized to the width of the led bars) $20

TC: $70-100


100’ length 20guage solid core wire $60

50 pack 2 wire wagos 221 $25

4x plastic junction boxes 4inch x 4inch x 3inch (make sure it comes with something to plug up the holes and hold the wire)$40

500 assorted pack heatshrink tubing $20 (good to help fit in junction box)

4x Leviton 515PV 15Amp 125Volt grounding plug $20

25’ 16guage wire (for the grounding plug) $20

TC:$165-Everything is super flexible here just make sure your amps and volt calculations are solid.
-Dedicated extra fans (required): With 2 medium fans running on the light, and another 2 small fans running on the drivers everything is 20C-25C.


(Very easy if you do it like i did in these pictures)

All you need is:
•100k potentiometers (maybe an ohm meter if you want to make sure ur dimmers go all the way to 100, most dont they go to like 92 or 97)

•20 guage wire (same as the led strips)

•Plastic junction box (make sure its got rubber wire holders that you cut a hole through with scissors and put the wire/ potentiometer through)

•211 Wago wire connector

•soldering machine (temperature is dependant on what kind of solder you use) $25

• silver solder (find a lower temp soldering machine ~360f for silver) $20

(This light is truly 800w if you use the exact parts, if you use more or less drivers and led strips or different brands then the wattage can vary from 600-1000, materials are very flexible just try to make sure volt/amp calculations are correct) (Always be cautious with electricity, build this whole thing without being plugged in to any wall outlet/power source⚠️⚡️)










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On 6/12/2023 at 3:24 AM, Johnsmithled said:

Dont be intimidated! This is actually quite simple. Tape led strips to frame > wire up positive to negative ect ect > wire drivers in junction boxs and wall grounding plug > done


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