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Indoor - Black Domina from Greensmokeroomseeds.


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A friend dropped off some plugs so I made 3x clones of each. 

The smaller slower plant on the left I cut mains stems. 

The bigger stronger plant on the right I chopped the lowest main branch, and 2x sidebranches. No main stems touched yet. 

By the time I order new plugs and gel these should be rooted. 





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Update after almost a week under the bloom tent. 

Both plants seem to be struggling to cope with the bright light, but same time they are thriving, will spray Epsom salt often to help them adjust. 

Big plant went double up size, and pushing the side branches nicely. Leaves going dinosaur size quickly. 

Smaller plant, I dunno man, smaller slower and one bottom branch decided to flower? 

iGrowDagga's loving this strain, happy to report there are 3x rooted clones of the big one, will do another run with it for sure. 




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So the time to flip has arrived, will sit this weekend and work out the best flowering time around loadsheddings. 

Attached is some update pictures. 

They got a bit hurt with all lights on, so moved over to only the one pucks set for veg. 





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27 minutes ago, iGrowDagga said:

They really do not want to adjust to the full led powered on. 

Planning to gradually turn on the pucks until plants are use to it. 

May I ask why you say they aren't wanting to adjust? 🤔 To my untrained eye, I don't see any leaf bleaching from lights being too strong. Or is there something I am missing? :poke Thanks in advance! :-rolled

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The symptoms I observe is, stems going purple, very short stumpy new growth with lots of side branching. 

This is read as stress from my end, seems to be attempting to create more shade for itself. 

This is confirmed for me as I have twice tried to run all light on, which results in above observations. 

To be honest I corrected the issue with Epsom salt and less light, and above update does unfortunately only flex the healthy part. 

Should have documented the stress response and how I corrected it as it may help future readers. 

Will be sure to document it this time as I'm about to start running all light again, just needed plant to recover al look 100%

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