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Too late to FIM or Top?


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1 hour ago, Naughty.Psychonaut said:

yebo, and on autos nogal, check hom


mmm, im not sure his quick mention of the method without a follow up of that specific method is really an answer to it working, maybe try it yourself and let us know?

also the Tip - take the pony out before dark period lol - this method would be for okay if you had a plant or 2 - but im not sure its worth it even then.


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I see what you trying to say brother, will try it one day when I am growing autos, but for personal experiment best I can do now is try is with a photoperiod and see what happens.

maybe I shouldn't have vouched for his method, but thought it is worth the mention as it would defs without question reduce stress over all compared to other methods and also give the side branches more direct light as I can detect using just my eyes and to my knowledge this does help with growth, it also reduces direct leaf surface light penetration on the leaves surrounding the main apical merristem, but then again I have less than no knowledge about autos.

is OP growing a auto or a photoperiod though? not sure. maybe he can let us know?

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