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420SA Annual Member Awards 2015

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Annual Awards 2015


Hey all


420SA is happy announce that we will be running Annual Awards from this year onward.


Badges will be awarded to various members for various accomplishments and not so much accomplishments ;)


Each badge winner will have the badge on their profile forever :thumbups


Here are the current badges that will be awarded to the members and the rules that may go along with winning that prize:


  • Grower Of The Year- Grower with the most amount of impressive grows in the year. *Grow logs of some sort required
  • Rookie Of The Year - Grower will need to have started growing in the year of the award
  • Most Active User - User who has made the most amount of posts in the year. From 01 January up to award date.
  • Tree Of Knowledge - The user with the most amount of useful info and input in the year
  • Plant Of The Year - Nominees will be the Plant Of The Month winners and plants from Grows Logs. * Plants from other posts may be considered.
  • Photo Of The Year - The best photo taken by a user for the year. Can be of anything.
  • Bystander Of The Year - The user with the largest Hours Spent Online To Post Count Ratio.  Basically the user who visits most frequently but has nothing to say


No prizes are on offer this year, just the badges, which the admin will set on your profile. Of course we hope to have prizes on offer in the future.


Some prizes will be determined by polls, some by the admin and some by forum statistics .We'll get the polls started on the 1st of December and winners will be announced on the 15th of December


I'd like to get your input on what other potential badges could be awarded or have we got the bases covered? I'll be posting up badge previews shortly.


I look forward to acknowledging members for their efforts over the course of this year :-meditate

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Ah flip, and I just entered the monthly competition.


Not a bad thing at all. That could potentially put you in line for a badge @jacks ... If you win Plant Of The Month your plant stands a chance to win Plant Of The Year.


You can't specifically enter for these badges. They're achieved through competitions and posts throughout the year

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Alright I guess that's bases covered then


Let's elect our nominees!


All members are welcome to nominate other members for the following badges:


  • Rookie Of The Year
  • Tree Of Knowledge - Most helpful and knowledgeable member
  • Photo Of The Year - Must be taken by a member


Just post your nominees on this thread with any links that may be necessary



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Here's all our nominees folks. Nominee order is randomized


Grower Of The Year


  • ajcapetown
  • Totemic
  • hydroman
  • Green Leaf Organics
  • TK
  • Toby


Rookie Of The Year


  • Sir Smokealot
  • Toby
  • Wallis55
  • DeltaLabs
  • Heisenberg


Tree Of Knowledge


  • Toby

  • OnlyTheGood
  • Green Leaf Organics


Plant Of The Year


  • Green Leaf Organics
  • Totemic
  • TK
  • ajcapetown


Photo Of The Year


Nominees still to be decided




Have I left out any notable nominees? Please alert me in the next few days as I'm going to start getting the polls running :thumbups


Links to the various nominated posts will be provided soon

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  • 1 month later...

Evening Folks


It's been a busy start to the new year for me, hence the reason for the belated announcements and awarding of badges. My sincerest apologies for this delay!


I'm sure most of you would have been able to determine the winners anyway from the polls that concluded a while back. There are however some additional badges to be given out... lets get straight to it!



The winners are....


Rookie Of The Year 2015 - Toby


Grower of The Year 2015, now Renamed to Greenthumb 2015 - Green Leaf Organics


Photo Of The Year 2015 - Totemic


Tree Of Knowledge 2015 - Green Leaf Organics


Plant Of The Year 2015 - ajcapetown     link to be supplied soon


Bystander Of The Year 2015 - eagle eyrie


Many congratulations to all our winners. Your input into our forum is most valued and appreciated :-clap


Most badges have been added to your profiles. The last few will be added to your profiles shortly


Best of luck for 2016 :-meditate

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Hi all,


I am back and happy new year to all. Hope you guys & gals had a good deserved break with lots of medication.


Congratulations to all the members for their various awards and contributions.


Here is to another great year of bountiful harvests. :poke


Happy growing y'all :-gthumb

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