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The Gro Bro - Great service


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So I was looking at a few places which stocked a particular item to see who was the cheapest and stumbled upon @TheGroBro and I recall @Chris Jay making mention on them in another thread and he stopped by their shop.


Since I am nowhere near where their shop is based, had it shipped to me but the experience was great!

Shipped the same day and when it arrived, it was packaged nicely and discreetly.


Today, I was looking for a particular clone dome which was out of stock pretty much everywhere I looked, except for The Gro Bro! Needed to get a few other supplies which they happened to have in stock and once again - the same excellent service I got initially. Order shipped out the same day - now waiting for it to arrive but I am sure it will be packaged well and delivered discreetly again.


So just a heads up and thank you to @TheGroBro 

If there is something you need which is stocked by The Gro Bro, you can go ahead make the purchase and know that the order will be shipped out quickly. They also use TCG, who I find to be a lot quicker than Fastway, MDS and the other couriers. :-thumbsup

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Thank you my boet, just for mentioning my name and a recall. It means alot and says alot. I am glad you had a good experience, and no they are not a client of mine, just a good man with great products making a living.

Edited the post because damn, just to say a good word goes a long way. People laughed about influencer services about  3 years ago, it actually works, and many clients know it works. I actually got a mail about more business just because of this comment, but they usually want to start their own marketing department or employ their aunty.

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On 9/23/2021 at 3:18 PM, The Grass Baas said:

I just ordered from them aswell. Their price was also the best I could find on that specific item. Ordered last night, shipped today.

I recieved my order on Monday morning at 9:20!!!!! Over a long weekend this is very impressive. I must give credit to TheCourierGuy as they play a big role too. None the less. Great service from @TheGroBro Very happy thanks

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