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Venting question

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Morning guys,


I have a question relating to extraction fans for my grow cabinet. I've attached a pic of the cabinet I intend to use. 


The dimensions are as follows :

Height is 78cm

Length is 86cm

Width is 57cm


I've found this fan on bid or buy that I wanna use for extraction, is it strong enough? Or do I need more than 1? I'll be using 3 45w cfl's for now.


Fan spec :



12V DC



138CFM   -    0.36"  H2O





Any help would be appreciated!



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I agree with GLO. I use 2 of those 220v 12cm ones. Just connect a plug and you good to go.

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Hi bud

Well if ypu do the math your space works out to 13.502 cubic feet and if the fan does 87 cubic feet per m , let's rather call it 60 cubic feet per min as this will make up any margine of error , 60 divided by 13.5 gives us 4.444 . What this means is that your fan will extract the box 4 times a min or 280 times an hour which is more than enough.



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