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Cannabis photography for dummies

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Ez 420SA, 


I trust you are all ready for the weekend.  

As per the title this thread has been created with the hope that some of you with photography skills would be so kind as to share some love covering the photography of cannabis. As I'm sure you have seen, I have zero photography skills and even less when it comes to editing. Ek voel baie sleg daar oor, I mean the grow is looking good, but I can't seem to show this with my potato images.  I have zero desire to hemorrhage my hard earned on a fancy pants camera and lenses and tripod and and and... For me, the money is better spent on improving or expanding the infrastructure of the actual grow or investing in FIRE plant material. 

I know this topic is covered in numerous articles on a plethora of site, but I thought it would be rad to have to discussion covering this topic. I think it may even be a rad option for members to add their pics to the thread so members can track their improvement, or outcomes after editing.  The more you know...


Thanks in advance.  

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Secret to great bud shots while slightly cheating is taking a photo in the dark with a flash.

Also take way more pics than you need and pick the best ones


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