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Recycle/re-use Perlite

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I just checked, and perlite is porous and can take in some of the hyperchlorites. 

But in saying that, I used to boil my hydroton/Leca in the kettle with some unscented jik and it worked like a charm hey. 

I think the more important question is how fine the perlite becomes after each use. 

I know a place in town where I can get so much perlite for very little... So I would just get new perlite...

But to answer your question, washing it with jik will work, but settle on a smallest size perlite and discard everything that is smaller than that. Or mix it in the garden... Somewhere 

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SA Horticulture 


They are open for delivery... But they have a standard delivery fee of 300 or something because they deliver huge stock to companies... So if they will let you go pick up, then it's worth your while... Otherwise the delivery fee might be more than your order lol

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I cant recall who said it on this forum, but he and I both get our perlite directly from Pratley. 

R200 for 100L if memory serves me correctly 

There should be an outLet in all major areas and centrally located to the city.

Also maybe running a mix of H2O2 peroxide and water, you could clean it, and the peroxide will turn into water after the procedure. A guess it would work...

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