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Easy simple Grid Hash

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Lets talk how to make easy hash. I will keep it more on the simple side, some decisions you simply have to make yourself, other steps are give and are rather a must. But as none of the steps are rushed, a rather relaxing procedure.

First step is getting your grids.. which ones, I leave that selection to yourself, as not in the mood to hear: bought the wrong sizes because of you! 😁 I use 2 max.. (Google, decide, you can always reorder), I know people using 4 (i just think is a bit over done, if you consume the stuff and don't want to sell in different qualities. Depending on which "take" i rub, i skip the fine one completely, only use the fine one with take 1.


I use a cheap Car massage system and put one side of the grids (rather firm connected) on one of those vibrators, set to max. This is not needed at all, I am just a lazy fag ^^

And you need a hard, very smooth surface below your grid.. mirror/glass works best.

Once you have the grids of your choice, next order you have to do is dry ice (www.dryice.co.za, 20kg, R816 + shipping, 3mm pellets) and some clean silicon kitchen gloves or non powdered (like always when you handle weed) medical gloves.

The dry ice will last 2-3 days, so order that best to the date you want to use it. When you store it, wrap some additional blankets around and place it beside your air intake for the tent 😉 Free CO2 generator.

There is no need to put your dry left over into the freezer. You just wait 10 minutes longer with wet material, the dry ice does what it says.. it drys very quick ^^ and no liquid left overs.

Material I use are fluff buds and material from dressing the A class buds I want to keep. 


Those are the GSC fluffies, made no pic of the WoW material i hashed, but looked 1 to 1 the same. GSC gets bubbled.

In your bucket with the material you dump some dry ice pellets and shake it in in steps. In a 10 liter bucket I drop around 4 cups of dry ice. The 20kg box you get is HUGE ^^ would guess you can easy do 15 huge trees with that box. I had 5 Wonder Woman total. Used not even one quarter.

Once it stops "steaming" the water is gone, mix carefully and check that none of those pellets enter your glove.. or you will end with a freeze burn, dry ice is -80C. When you take a bud out and squeeze it.. it should just crumble to dust.. ready to go.

Take a hand full out and rub it firm in between your hands. the dry ice pellets will help you get the material fine. Don't take to much, but you are also in no rush, all will stay super cold.


No need to dig in your fingers.. just move it gentle without any down force over the grid, that way your fingers stay warm. What falls through looks more like a fog. Depending how long you work the more you change quality. I work each batch around 60-90 seconds. Keep the material, you can do more than 1 take. First will be super sticky and very easy to form a ball, third to fourth will be more powdery and demanding a heat press to get some potency out.

When done, remove the material into a second container and rub on a next batch with your hands till done.



The fine grid will have collected 90% of the pollen you filtered out. I add some dry ice pellets to that pollen and let it cool down again. Then use a old credit card to gently move it over the fine grid with as little down force as possible. When you are happy, you put the batches in bags. To work with the fine grid, the lower you get the temperature, the better will be the result.


348786397_Happy420.jpg.cdb239179837e40992a47d6dc733ad2a.jpg (was take Nr4, so a bit greenish)

The left overs from 2 10L containers


And the result of the first take


You can use a pollen press, your hands (gloves) or leave it in the natural chunk it forms by gravity inside the bag. Depending to that, color will change. But is very soft and very sticky... 



If you have a phone call and have to leave during a batch is on the grid, add some dry ice and let it cool down, that way you don't mess up your grid. 

Cleaning the grids, any soft brush will do.. if you cool the grid down with some dry ice, you get it rather clean.. just careful.. very cold things like to break way easier. 

Freeze burns hurt.. keep that in mind before you get one and don't "rub" down when you work the material.. only slide it gentle over the grid.

Rest.. good luck and have fun 😄

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