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Just so you guys know where things are...

The software upgrades have been purchased. As you can see the Gallery is already up and running.

In the background I'm working on:

  • A portal home page - this will be like a central hub for the forum. Currently a lot is being squeezed onto the main Forums page. A home portal page will relieve the forums page of the clutter and will feed more activity in a better arranged manner.
  • Grow Reports Page - Over here you'll be able to submit your own grow reports which will feature a whole bunch of data on your grow including images. You'll be able to submit your grow report through a form after which the grow report will be tabled out neatly for everyone to see. Essentially we'll be building a database on genetics and how they perform under different conditions, feeding regimes etc.

Will keep you guys posted


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54 minutes ago, Breadinator said:

The "Grow Report Page" is a great idea!

i 2nd that, great idea. Will be very useful for future grows and what works best for ur strain, Love it.

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So will the Grow Report page be comparable to Grow Diaries ?


If so, will non-members be able to view it as well such as how Grow Diaries works? If so, that is really awesome and I think will help bring more traffic to the site over time.

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