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  1. Hi guys was wondering if I can get some pointers on the quickest way to dry trim for BHO extraction. Thanks ✌ Sent from my D5803
  2. Just be carefull with no exhaust... air exchange is just as important as light and water. Cheers Reaf Hey glo Was wondering if you or someone else could point me in the right direction. I am busy laying out a 12sqm groom. I was wondering what units to get for intake and extraction. I was thinking 2 x10" units for extract and a 4" for intake. I have no idea how much air i should be moving so I'm just guessing. I will be adding Co2 next year. Thanks ✌ Sent from my D5803
  3. Some closeups of the autos Sent from my D5803
  4. She is flowering now and is doing great outside. I've just planted my two month old kalishnikov clone in the ground with two jack herer to follow when they are slightly bigger. I've put a shade cloth cover at 2.5m should protect well against any freak weather. I'll let them run there course outside....curious to see what happens. If most of my holy grail kush clones make it I will have a spare to also stick in the ground ✌ 😎 Sent from my D5803
  5. I'm using 300W led panels. She was one of six and is anout 60cm taller than her sisters. Couldn't scrog over the others. Moved her onto my sundeck. She has stopped stretching and heads are twice the size of her sisters. Probably a slightly different pheno. Her yeild is outstripping her sisters big time little cheese auto the super cheese are next. My mistake in the first post. Super cheese are photos not autos... ✌ 😎 Sent from my D5803
  6. I am growing 6 auto super cheese all same conditions. My one auto won't stop stretching. She is in coco perlite. Can I put her outside or will that kill her. Temps during the day are great nights aren't dropping low. I could bring her in in the evenings. Advice please. She is trying to grow past my lights....thanks Sent from my D5803
  7. Very cool. I didn't look at all the clips but I would be very interested in how. I nominate this one to... In the quoted text ✌ 😎 Sent from my D5803
  8. I'm poor enough to enjoy winning any of this...nominate me if you struggling to find a nomination.....lmao.... Oh well I'm pretty sure my nomination will win somethin...✌ 😎 Sent from my D5803
  9. Felix

    Custom led

    With pleasure.... If you tell me how....lmao...✌ Sent from my D5803
  10. Felix

    Custom led

    Hi guys So I have decided to order 2 55x3w pannels and customise my lights. My chosen ratio is red-blue 7-2 with 1 cool white 9500k. Following are the wave length of the units to be used 430-440nm, 450-475nm, 620-630nm, 640-650nm, 650-660nm Below are some pics explaining the wavelengths for weed. Would be interested in other opinions on the custom choice. Pics came from Google. Thanks ✌.... Bless Sent from my D5803
  11. That's also an excellent post. I'm good with that post. Here's my vote  ✌ Sent from my D5803
  12. That's just a symptom of my fucking week. Ok lets try once more .... Lmao...Maybe I should go back to bed ✌ Sent from my D5803
  13. First post? You sure? The first post was made on February 02, 2015. It doesn't qualify. It needs to be a post that was made between 12/06/15 and 10/09/15 Sorry busy day May 20....choosing just a single one was tricky ✌ Wasn't paying attention again....so finally getting within the correct dates August 20 2015 http://www.420sa.co.za/index.php/topic,341.msg5023.html#msg5023
  14. To my research green is the only colour that has no effect. Hense people work in their grooms under green lights at times of lights out with no disruption to the flower cycle. I would be more selective about the ratio of lights in the setup as opposed to just which colours. Many growers grow with only 5 Spectra with awesome result. I myself would custom to six and ratio 7.2.1. Red&red&farred blue&blue and orange. Not sure what I believe with uv yet. I'm currently using med priced led with 5 bands and others were complimentary of my results. I think as it becomes more affordable, more of us can afford a couple of different units to test at home with believable results. I have had brilliant results with led in complex planted aquariums it's just a matter of dialing the colour and the ratio in. Forums like this are an excellent place to post discuss and view results. Where else can you ask the person who did the testing questions...Sorry I am rambling now...pretty toasted. Anyway I hope I made sense... I did in my head...lol ✌.... Bless Sent from my D5803
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