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  1. Thank you @Ill_Evan . I started my bag seeds in my small pots before I got the putins seeds . Only had the big pots to go with and my excitement got the best of me. I wanted to keep a bit of extra space to tie the branches down later when I train but I will keep that in mind for the next run thank you 🙂 .
  2. Thank you @StickyD420 ill keep that in mind .
  3. Noob question but 10-15% runoff meaning ? If I water with 1l there should drain about 100-150ml of water if I would guess ?
  4. Baby putin has risen 🙂 Both of them look pretty much the same at this point.
  5. Damn @TheUltimateNoob thank you so much . I spoke to a friend of mine that also grows and he uses the GHE as well . Thinking this will be the route I take . Splurged a bit hard this month on everything so payday needs to come for those nutes .
  6. Thank you for the warm welcome @Newbie_2020 @CreX @Bakstein420 @SkunkPharm Here is my grow tent . Its only 80x80x160 since I stay in a second floor flat and space is limited. I have converted 2 spare storage cupboards into propagation / early veg rooms ( Its easier for me to control the temp in one room early on ) I can keep my cupboard above 20 at all times since its in my room with my PC and a small heater. In my mind this will allow the smaller plants to thrive a bit better. Rest of my flat ( where the tent is ) can go down to 16 on a cold night so its not to bad. I just figured if not why not. Once the 3 seedlings are a bit bigger ill move the other CFL light to the other side so the light is a bit more concentrated . ( I know these lights wont grow the plants big ) All the plants in my cupboard is bag seeds so they will probably move to the outside balcony area if they are females . Will be adding some herbs outside to lower suspicion to a point. I am running 2 putins punch seeds in the tent and they are about a 5 days old ( will send some pics later ). Soil im using coco and perlite as my base ( Added some 2:3:2 all purpose in the groun when mixing just to let it set , should be good for the first 4 weeks or so ? Need to do a bit more reading before the firs 4 weeks regarding nutes . Gonna probably just get the GHP soft water 3 pack . To my noob knowledge it covers all bases. Using rain water at the moment to water the plants as im waiting on my PH pen. Gonna grab a swimming pool PH tester kit this afternoon just to last me till I get the PH pen. Overall looking to grow 2 in the tent and 2 - 3 small plants on the stoep
  7. Hey guys awildmeme here :) Hope to share some knowledge and grow the dankest of dank. Based in beautiful Cape Town. Ended up here being refered from Carbonite's growers thread ( PC forum not the best for discussing home grows ) . Currently doing my 1st grow . Did go balls deep with the tent and all and already busy converting my extra cupboard into a veg/propagation area. The bug has bitten and I hope to be here for a while with you guys.
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