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  1. @Shaker you are going to be very happy with them. My plants are growing at a amazing rate!
  2. My setup for my Indoor DWC winter grow.
  3. I Purchased a new Samsung LED quantum bar from them about 2 weeks ago and had great service! And very happy with the light! They are amazing!
  4. @Prom hey man please DM me your contact detail ASAP. Thank you
  5. Just built a simple frame from 22 x 44 planks and then skiinned it with white Hardboard sheets. This wall is 2,4m high and 3m across. Grow room in obviously on the other side.
  6. @SmokeyZero so rhino board was an option, but it weight a ton. Instead i found something epic! Its called Supa Wood, They usually use it for the backing on cupboards. Its sturdy, about 5mm and is white on one side. Super cheap R140 and comes in large sheets. Then Cape Plastics in Cape Town stock plastic sheets for R80. Its thicker than usual plastic sheeting so it holds as a sheet.
  7. Seems like all shops are Out of Stock for PH meters Anyone perhaps knows a shop I’ve missed ?
  8. Anyone ever try putting a Electric Blanket ( we also had them in our beds in winter ) inside a tent to raise the ambient temp?
  9. @CreX Yeah spot on. Im growing in a room in the garage so won't have a issue. Thanks for the Tip about the "Variable Resistor", going to look into that.
  10. Hi guys Manage to score a S&P TD-500 extraction fan for free from my neighbor. My grow space is 1,3m x 1,5m and 2,4m tall. By my calculations, this fan is a bit "overkill" for the space i have. Is there something as "too much extraction"?
  11. @CreX thanks for the feedback, you ind sharing that place in town?
  12. hi guys. I have buckets of straight Perlite that I grow Tomatoes Dutch Bucket style. Its end of season and want to clean the whole system. Can you use bleach to wash the entire load of Perlite?
  13. @TheUltimateNoob its an option. the issue with all the different type of Sheeting, is how to get it to stick to a raw cement/brick wall. thats why im thinking of just screwing Rhino Ceiling boards to the walls. cut them to size, and 4 x screws, pretty easy.
  14. @Stinger96 im kinda thinking not to do that, drill holes and insert plugs into the wall, then just screw the Rhino board directly onto the wall. I'm also checking out a company today that makes a 250 micron plastic sheets that comes in 1.4 x 1.0m. This could also be a very good option. Besides the fact that it's the perfect dimensions for my application, it will be very easy to work with and just screw straight onto the wall.
  15. @1000Hills Nursery here is a interesting one check this test.
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